What are the 'three laws found in Chinese bureaucrats' that Chinese Communist Party officials say?

In 2016, Mr.

Wang Dong-gyeong, who was the deputy principal of the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China at that time, published an article entitled 'The Three Great Laws of the Chinese Government (Three Major Laws of Chinese Bureaucratic Society)'. Mr. Wang summarizes the reality and problems found in Chinese bureaucratic society in three points.

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◆ First law: The poorer the area, the more people want to be bureaucrats
According to Mr. Wang, criminal acts of 'buying a government office' are rampant in poor regions of China, and there are many cases where such fraudulent bureaucrats are dismissed and sentenced to imprisonment. Regarding the reason why more and more people want to become bureaucrats in poor regions, Mr. Wang said, 'In China, the property of the state is the property of the people, but in reality, the general public has no right to control it.' It is said to be the body.

As long as the Chinese government advocates communism, there is a premise that 'all state-owned property is the property of the people,' but in reality, only bureaucrats can control what the government owns. And since China's economic market is virtually entirely controlled by the government, it can be said that China's economy is entirely for bureaucrats.

For example, when ordinary Chinese eat at a restaurant, they pay for their own meals. However, if you become a bureaucrat, you can settle the full amount by eating at a restaurant and bringing the receipt back to the government office. In other words, the state pays for bureaucratic meals. 'In China, the common people eat for themselves, but once they get a government office, they eat for the nation, so the nation has to pay for it,' Wang said. ..

'There are two ways modern Chinese can make money. One is smuggling, drug trafficking, and other illegal activities that can make a big profit but risk losing life and property, and the other is a government office. It's about monopolizing the administration, 'said Mr. Wang.

◆ Second law: The greater the power, the less promoted as a bureaucrat
'Some bureaucrats with strong economic or human power are envious, jealous, sneak up or hateful. Even if they have great power It will turn over in the meantime, 'said Mr. Wang, who says that the more powerful people are from a young age, the more intense competition they are exposed to and the harder it is to climb up.

The elite course for becoming a senior executive of the

Chinese Communist Party is said to begin with joining the Communist Youth League of China ( Communist Youth League ). Regarding the reason why the Communist Youth League became an elite course of the Chinese Communist Party, Mr. Wang said, 'Because the Communist Youth League has nothing to do with money and can not practice things without making full use of horizontal and vertical connections, I belong. It can be said that the person who is there is relatively high in work ability. On the other hand, the members of the Communist Youth League are not given great power, and there is almost no resentment or conspiracy from anyone, so power There are more opportunities to be promoted than bureaucrats with. '

◆ Third Law: Good people are not always good bureaucrats
'A' good person 'here is a person who evaluates everyone as a good person. In other words, Mao Tse Tung says,' I'm afraid of making mistakes, and I just run for self-protection without taking risks. It ’s a person who excels, ”said Mr. Wang.

Being a bureaucrat is a heavy responsibility in itself and can offend some to fulfill their responsibilities as a civil servant. Mr. Wang said, 'If the Buddha in the temple can promote or make someone rich, those who are not promoted will complain to the Buddha. The Buddha is respected and worshiped by everyone. That's because the Buddha doesn't do anything concrete. We, the Communist Party executives, can't be Buddha. '

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Mr. Wang said, 'In the end, in our society, the good people are the majority and the bad people are the minority. Those who are supported by 70% of voters and not by 30% are already good bureaucrats, and conversely from all. The person who is supported may be a 'good person,' but it is not ideal as an official. '

He also said, 'What is needed for economic development is not'good people'but'good bureaucrats'. Our analysis shows that good people are not good bureaucrats. I am for the prosperity of the country. I think it's better not to let the good guys be officials, 'Wang insisted.

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