'Ragya' review that listens to the old Indian music 'Raga' that acts on human emotions for free

When you enter an Indian restaurant or an ethnic grocery store, you may have heard a unique melody that is not Japanese or Western music. That music is based on a mode called '

raga ' and is said to 'have the ability to evoke specific emotions in people.' Western music has a rule of scale, but I discovered a net service ' Ragya ' that allows you to listen to unique raga endlessly, which has not only scale but also restrictions such as season and time, so when I tried using it, it was deep in raga. It was a place where you could experience the world.

Ragya --Indian classical music played by time of the day

When you access Ragya, it looks like this. A player with the menus 'Volume', 'Back by 1', 'Play / Stop', 'Forward by 1', and 'Favorites' will appear in the center of the screen. There is no sound the moment you open the page instead of auto play, and music plays when you press the play button in the middle.

Raga is often played with stringed instruments such as

sitar and tampura and human voice, and when you press the play button, the room feels like an Indian restaurant. Click 'Forward one' on the right side ...

A mechanism to change to another artist / song. If you click on the place called 'SAWANI SHENDE SATHAYE' ...

Apparently it was the artist name, and the details of the artist are displayed in detail. SATHAYE grew up in a musician's family and has a father and grandmother in a

guru .

Then click on the place called 'Raga Multani'.

Then, the music information was displayed like this. Raga has a fixed time to play, and

Multani is sung from 13:00 to 16:00. In Ragya, the raga that was in the time zone is played, so Multani was playing at 15:00 when I accessed it. ' Thaat, ' ' Vaadi, ' 'Jaati,' and ' Samavadi ' also refer to Raga's unique type of music.

Looking at another artist ...

You can see that the music of famous raga artists is collected. Arati Ankalikar Tikekar is a female singer who has won the 'National Award for Best Female Playback Singer' twice.

The type of music is '

Malhar ', which is said to cause rainfall when singing, and it was said to be music from 15:00 to 17:00.

I seemed to be able to like my favorite music, so I pressed the heart symbol ...

It says 'SIGN UP for free' so I'll click it.

You can now choose to log in with your Facebook / Google account or create an account by email. However, when I actually registered it, there was no place where my favorite song list was displayed, so I couldn't figure out what the favorite button was for.

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