Internet speed situation in developed countries 2020 edition, the United States has doubled the speed of the Internet in the past year

FairInternet Report, which has its own accurate database of Internet communication speeds in each country, has released the 2020 Internet speed situation report in each country. According to the report, the broadband speed in the United States has almost doubled compared to 2019.

Europe vs US Broadband Performance 2020 | FairInternetReport

This is a graph of the net speed (median) for 5 years from 2016 to 2020 in 12 European countries and the United States according to the FairInternetReport. Purple indicates European countries, blue indicates the United States, and you can see that the United States is not so fast at net speed.

The fastest in 2020 was Denmark at 123.96 Mbps. Following that, Switzerland (110.77 Mbps), Sweden (75.54 Mbps), and the United States 33.16 Mbps. Below the United States, there are Germany (29.64 Mbps), United Kingdom (27.23 Mbps), France (23.01 Mbps), Italy (12.71 Mbps), etc.

However, even with this, the net speed in the United States has improved, and since it was 17.34 Mbps in the previous year, it has achieved a speed increase of 91%.

However, the difference between cities is large, and Austin, Texas recorded a high value of 65 Mbps. This is higher than Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Stockholm in Sweden, which were faster than the United States by country.

In 2020, the United Kingdom, which historically had a net speed of 10% to 15% faster than the United States, settled at 27.22 Mbps, which is 22% lower than the United States. The FairInternet Report analyzes that 'the UK's Internet infrastructure may be in a difficult time' because Brexit's impact on the broadband market is unreadable.

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