It is reported that iPhone SE / 6s / 6s Plus will be out of support in the next 'iOS 15'

The Verifier , an Israeli technology media that handles highly accurate leak information related to Apple, will support the first generation iPhone SE and iPhone 6s / 6s Plus in the next iOS released in 2021 ' iOS 15 ' It is reported that will end.

פרסום ראשון: עדכון ה-iOS 15 יתמוך באייפון 7 ומעלה | The Verifier

Rumor: Apple to drop support for iPhone 6s and original iPhone SE with iOS 15 next year --9to5Mac

The Verifier accurately predicts the end of support for iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 with iOS 12 and later officially released in September 2018, and iOS 13 released in 2019 and released in 2020. We also accurately predicted that iOS 14 will support all iPhones.

The Verifier predicts that the iPhone lineup supported by iOS 15 released in 2021 is as follows.

・ All iPhones released in 2021

IPhone 12 Pro Max
IPhone 12 Pro
IPhone 12
IPhone 12 mini
IPhone 11 Pro Max
IPhone 11 Pro
IPhone 11
IPhone XS Max
IPhone XS
IPhone XR
IPhone X
IPhone 8 Plus
IPhone 8
IPhone 7 Plus
IPhone 7
IPhone SE (2nd generation)
IPod touch (7th generation)

Of the iPhones supported by the latest existing version, iOS 14, the oldest is the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus released in September 2015, and the next oldest is the iPhone released in March 2016. This is SE. The Verifier reports that the two are no longer supported in iOS 15.

As for 9to5Mac, which is an Apple-related media, the iPhone 6s and the 2nd generation iPhone SE are almost the same in design, and the iPhone 12 mini, which has a compact size since the 1st generation iPhone SE, has appeared. Even if the 1st generation iPhone SE and iPhone 6s / 6s Plus are no longer supported, users will have very close options.

From the left, 1st generation iPhone SE, 2nd generation iPhone SE, iPhone 12 mini.

Since iOS 14 was just released in September 2020, there's still little rumor about what new features or changes will be made in iOS 15.

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