It is newly discovered that a student intern was illegally forced to work at an iPhone manufacturing factory

It became a problem in 2017 that Apple's supplier had

illegally worked students in a factory in China, but in November 2020, a new Chinese student intern illegally worked in a factory in Pegatron. I found out that I was forced. In response, Apple has announced that it will suspend new orders from Pegatron.

Apple supplier Pegatron found using illegal student labor in China

Apple puts Taiwanese supplier Pegatron on probation over student workers | Reuters

Apple supplier Pegatron found using illegal student labor in China | Ars Technica

Headquartered in Taiwan and operating in China, Pegatron is a supplier of iPhone, Mac, iPad and other components alongside Foxconn . The Financial Times revealed that the Pegatron had forced thousands of student internships to work overtime to assemble the iPhone in violation of Chinese law.

According to a survey, Pegatron sometimes forced 12 hours of overtime a day to compensate for sudden orders and staff retirement. Chinese law prohibits factories from hiring internships if their major is unrelated to their job. However, a former intern said that Pegatron had illegally forced thousands of student internships to assemble the iPhone until October 2020, forcing them to work overtime and work at night.

In response to a report from the Financial Times, Apple said it had suspended orders for new businesses from Pegatron on Monday, November 9, 2020.

According to a survey, Pegatron falsified the classification of student workers, forged documents, and assigned jobs regardless of the major of college students in order to hide violations of the law. Apple said, 'A few weeks ago, we discovered that one of Apple's Chinese suppliers, Pegatron, violated Apple's Supplier Code of Conduct in its Student Labor Learning Program. Apple put Pegatron in a humble period. , We have decided not to offer new business until we have completely corrected our actions, 'the statement said.

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'The person responsible for the Pegatron in this case has made extraordinary efforts to escape our surveillance,' Apple reportedly dismissed the officer responsible.

On the other hand, Apple's investigation found no evidence of forcing student workers to work.

Apart from Apple's statement, Pegatron admitted that student workers were working at factories in Shanghai and Kunshan, not complying with local law. According to Pegatron, these student workers have already been removed from the production line and given 'appropriate compensation.'

In addition, although Apple has stopped new orders, it is said that the products ordered so far are still being manufactured.

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