Official release of 'Firefox 82', greatly speeding up page loading speed and startup time

The official version of the web browser ' Firefox 82 ' has been released. Picture-in-picture buttons are new and easier to find, and both page load speed and startup time are faster than ever.

Firefox 82.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes

◆ Improved operating speed
Websites laid out in flexbox are loaded 20% faster, session restores are 17% faster, and you can resume your work faster from where you left off. Also, in the Windows version, opening a new window is 10% faster.

◆ Picture in picture
Picture-in-picture is a feature that pops the movie being played out into a small window, which has been included since Firefox 71 . In Firefox 82, the button for doing this picture-in-picture has changed to be more visually understandable.

In addition, the Windows version now uses Direct Composition for hardware decoding, improving CPU and GPU usage and extending battery life.

◆ Expanded scope of application of WebRender
WebRender is a function that supports the rendering of web pages using the GPU, and the supported OS and hardware are expanding with each update. Firefox 82 is compatible with all Windows 10 hardware. More detailed support status can be confirmed on the official Wiki .

◆ Changes for developers
-MediaSession API is enabled by default.
-It is now possible to display server-side events on the DevTools network panel.
-The color picker displayed in the input whose type is color can now be operated with the keyboard.
-It is now possible to select the button inside the input whose type is file with the ':: file-selector-button' pseudo element.
-Inline setting of Content-Disposition header is now ignored when download attribute is set in a element within the same origin.

Firefox 82 also includes a number of security fixes .

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