There is a tactile indicator for the visually impaired on the Xbox Series X port

Microsoft's next-generation game console, which will be released worldwide on November 10, 2020, is the ' Xbox Series X / S. ' The ports on this Xbox Series X have been shown to have tactile indicators that even visually impaired people can see.

Xbox Series X has tactile indicators over the ports

Bryce Johnson, who worked on inclusive design in Microsoft's devices division and was also involved in the development of the Xbox Adaptive Controller , revealed the existence of a tactile indicator for the visually impaired on the Xbox Series X port.

On his Twitter account , Johnson said, 'Trivia about inclusive design . Someone suggested placing a tactile indicator for the visually impaired. This tactile indicator is invisible. It's also useful for wiring. Our design team, community, and Kaitlyn Jones helped develop it. It's not a perfect solution, but let's see and learn how tactile indicators work. ' Tweeted.

Kaitlyn Jones, a program manager working with the Xbox Gaming Accessibility team, said of the tactile indicators on the Xbox Series X ports: 'Use different uneven patterns for each port type (such as HDMI or USB) instead of Braille. So we help you tactilely identify the difference between the ports. ', an international gaming media, praises Microsoft's efforts, saying, 'Tactile indicators are a great feature that benefits everyone and confirms Microsoft's great work on accessibility and Xbox.'

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