I tried Matsuya's 'Beef Steak Bowl', which brings out the flavor of steak with two different sauces.

The popular

steak shop Matsuya's beef steak bowl, which Matsuya has been developing since March 2019, is now available as a new product from Matsuya. You can choose between Matsuya's original 'Western-style garlic sauce' and steak shop Matsu's 'Japanese-style original sauce'.

New release of beef steak bowl with selectable sauce! | Matsuya Foods

When I arrived at Matsuya, there was a beef steak bowl on the shop front.

Buy a beef steak bowl with Japanese sauce and a beef steak bowl with Western sauce, one for normal and one for big, and take it home. The big rice is always free, and the normal rice is free until 10 am on October 20, 2020 (Tuesday), so we asked them to make a large serving of rice.

The left is 'Japanese style' and the right is 'Western style'. The steaks and colorful pickles are the same, but the sauces are different.

'Western style garlic sauce beef steak bowl' normal and big assortment. By doubling the meat, the pressure on the appearance also increases.

'Japanese style original sauce beef steak bowl' normal and big assortment. You can clearly see the difference in the amount of meat in the Japanese style, probably because of the difference in the sauce.

When I actually measured the amount of meat in the Japanese-style original sauce, the normal weight was 82g.

The big heap is 163g. There is a slight error, but it is certainly double.

The Western-style garlic sauce has a strong garlic scent from the time you take it home, and even if you don't know it, you will notice it as a new product from Matsuya. The garlic-based sauce pulls the taste of the slightly sliced steak. However, the butter was effective in the sauce, and I had the impression that there were moments when this exceeded the meat. It's good to eat and I'm sure you'll be full.

The original Japanese sauce is only directly from the steak shop Matsu, and the sweetness of the onions enhances the taste of the meat. You can spend a happy lunch with the feeling that you are hungry and satisfied.

Western-style garlic sauce beef steak bowl and Japanese-style original sauce beef steak bowl are 750 yen including tax. If the amount of rice is the same and the amount of meat is doubled, it will be 1150 yen including tax.

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