A tasting review of all 6 types of 'misdo meets Chen Kenichi THE Sichuan Special' with spicy Sichuan-style noodles and pies

From Mr. Donut, as a menu of 'misdo meets Chen Kenichi THE Sichuan Special' in collaboration with Mr.

Chen Kenichi , the owner of Akasaka Sichuan Hotel , 'Sichuan Dandan Noodles ' ' Jar Jar Noodles ' ' Shrimp Vegetable Soba ' 'Char Siu Pie ' ' Shrimp Chili Pie ' ' Goma Six types of ' Danko-style pie ' have been released since October 2, 2020 (Friday). This is the second collaboration with Mr. Chen following April 2020, so I went to the restaurant and ate it this time as well.

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Arrived at Mister Donut.

There was a banner of 'misdo meets Chen Kenichi THE Sichuan Special' in front of the shop.

I ordered a new menu in the store. The three types of 'Sichuan Dandan Noodles', 'Jajar Noodles' and 'Shrimp Vegetable Soba' are offered only for eat-in, and you need to wait for a while until you get the number tag when ordering.

About 5 minutes after ordering, Sichuan Dandan noodles (left) and Jarja noodles (right) arrived. The shrimp vegetable soba was served later than the other two.

First of all, I will eat from Sichuan Dandan noodles. The soup has a color that is a little closer to orange than bright red.

When you try it, you can enjoy the rich taste of sesame seeds in the soup, but the noodles are straight thin noodles that are easy to eat. The spiciness is not so spicy that the tongue hurts, but the spiciness of the pepper is felt.

The topping of minced pork is fried in tenmenjang and soy sauce and seasoned with chili oil, which is sweet and spicy and has a widespread umami of pork. Since the amount of green onions is small, I think it's just a color ...

Probably because the soup contains green onion oil, the flavor of the green onion was also felt firmly.

Next, I will eat jar jar noodles. The sauce on the top is minced pork with tenmenjan, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, etc., and it has a smooth texture with tororo potatoes.

If you eat it with plenty of sauce, the spiciness is also modest. It is a rich sauce that emphasizes the sweetness and richness of Tenmenjan and the slightly addictive flavor of shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots. The rich sauce drowns out the presence of thin noodles, so I personally wanted the noodles to be a little thicker.

Shrimp vegetable soba arrived about 3 minutes later than the other two items.

It contains shrimp, Chinese cabbage, wood ear, bamboo shoots, and green onions as ingredients, and has the most vegetables among the three types of noodles.

The plain hot water soup is a little thick, and it has a gentle taste with the sweetness of vegetables and the flavor of seafood.

When you try it, you can feel the taste of the ingredients of long onion, bamboo shoots, and shrimp with the thick soup entwined in the thin noodles. Sichuan Dandan noodles and jar jar noodles had a rich, sweet and spicy taste, but the shrimp vegetable soba had a light finish that made the best use of the flavor of the ingredients themselves.

I brought back 3 kinds of pies, which is a new menu, because it is possible to take out.

Mister Donut has collaborated with Mr. Chen several times, but the pie menu is the first. First of all, I tried the char siu pie with diced char siu.

When I cut it in half, I found one diced char siu in the center. The sauce inside is a sweet and spicy sauce that uses a special soy sauce (Jean) that goes well with char siu.

When you eat a bite, the taste of small but chewy char siu spreads in your mouth. The crispy buttery pie crust and the sweet and spicy sauce go perfectly together, and the meat, butter, and sweet and spicy sauce are quite rich overall.

Then sample the shrimp chili pie.

The chili sauce inside has a strong sweetness, and the aftertaste has a spicy spiciness.

In addition, there is also shrimp cut into small pieces, so you can enjoy the crispy texture and the flavor of the shrimp.

The last is the only sweet menu, sesame dumpling-style pie.

There is a lot of sesame seeds inside ...

There was also a chewy white ball. Of the three types of pies, the aroma of butter is the strongest, and the aftertaste is also strong in butter flavor. Therefore, the flavor of black sesame seeds has a slightly weak presence. The chewy texture of the white balls, the texture of the crispy pie, the sticky sesame sauce, and the three types of texture made it a fun pie.

'Sichuan Tantan Noodles', 'Jajar Noodles' and 'Shrimp Vegetable Soba' are 530 yen excluding tax, and 'Char Siu Pie', 'Shrimp Chili Pie' and 'Sesame Dango Style Pie' are 230 yen excluding tax. It can be purchased at Mister Donuts nationwide except for some stores for a limited time from October 2, 2020 (Friday) to the end of March 2021.

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