TikTok is working hard to prevent the spread of 'a movie of a man who commits suicide with a gun'

From around the night of Sunday, September 6, 2020, a 'movie showing a man committing suicide with a gun' is spreading on TikTok, a short movie platform. TikTok is working hard to delete this movie, and the account that posts the movie seems to be blocked.

TikTok is racing to stop the spread of a gruesome video-The Verge


According to TikTok, the movie in question was originally distributed live on Facebook, but it was also spread on other movie platforms. Some even within the TikTok this movie of the user who noticed that have been spread, and 'away from the video you see the movie of men and bearded gray beard sitting in front of the desk,' warning has been I will.

Another TikTok user is showing the beginning scene of a suicide movie and alerting them, ' Be careful about this movie.'

A TikTok spokeswoman said, 'We have detected and flagged these movies automatically because we have discovered that our system has violated our policies for content that displays, praises and promotes suicide. Is blocking accounts that are trying to upload movies repeatedly'. In addition, a spokeswoman said, 'Thanks to the users who reported to us the existence of the content and warned others not to watch, share or engage such movies.'

Suicide movies have been a problem on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit in the past. The suicide movie this time was also displayed on TikTok's ' Recommendation ', so it was very difficult for the user to avoid it.

A TikTok spokeswoman said, “If anyone in our community is worried about suicide or is worried about someone, we encourage you to ask for help. You can also access the hotline directly from the app or safety center. Is also provided', and calls on others to seek help if they are concerned about suicide or if they are aware of it.

In addition, since the same movie is said to be spread on Instagram, the user needs to be vigilant.

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