TikTok is under investigation by authorities for 'child pornography spread problem'

It was reported that TikTok was under investigation by the US Department of Homeland Security for promoting the spread of 'child sexual abuse content.'

TikTok under US government investigation on child sexual abuse material | Financial Times


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TikTok CSAM investigation by Dept. of Homeland Security ―― 9to5Mac

According to the Financial Times, which delivered the first report, the US Department of Homeland Security is concerned about 'how to handle TikTok's child sexual abuse content.' Financial Times said that China's ByteDance, which operates TikTok, employs more than 10,000 moderators worldwide to deal with child sexual abuse content, but TikTok's '1 billion users' has pushed it. It is reported that it has reached a state where it can not be turned around.

In addition, the situation where TikTok's privacy function is being abused by child abusers is also being investigated. Financial Times confirmed with law enforcement agencies and child protection groups that child abusers shared their accounts with other child abusers and victims, set the uploaded videos private and 'only for logged-in users.' By making it 'ready to view', he said that he received an answer that he was exchanging illegal videos.

Erin Burke, chief of the Department of Child Exploitation Research, Cybercrime Division, Ministry of Land Security, said TikTok is the best platform for child abusers to meet and interact with children, choosing TikTok as a 'child abuser.' It is even described as 'a platform that has been used.'

TikTok has a policy of not tolerating child sexual abuse at all, but according to Mr. Burke, there is a problem that international companies such as TikTok are less conscious of cooperating with US law enforcement agencies. In response to a series of reports, TikTok said, 'If we discover an attempt to post, obtain, or distribute child sexual abuse, we will delete the content, ban the account and related devices, and immediately go missing or exploited in the United States. Report to the Children's Center and work with law enforcement agencies as needed. '

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