Amazon explains 'Why we continue to protest against politically corrupt contracts'

Amazon's cloud computing service AWS, on the official blog, the government is political at `` Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) '' which is a cloud business of US$ 10 billion (about 1.1 trillion yen) scale by the US government It criticized its ruling decision, and explains why AWS continues to protest the JEDI contract.

JEDI: Why we will continue to protest this politically corrupted contract award | AWS Public Sector Blog

JEDI, which plans to migrate various data operated by the US Department of Defense (DoD) to the cloud and centrally manage it, Amazon and Microsoft are bidding competition as a cloud business with an upper limit of more than $ 10 billion It was At first, Amazon was regarded as a favorite, and it was said that it was a de facto race , but it was Microsoft who finally won the JEDI bid competition.

Microsoft wins the US Department of Defense's over 1 trillion yen cloud business ``JEDI'' bidding competition, Amazon's favorite loses-GIGAZINE

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On the other hand, Amazon, which lost the bidding competition with Microsoft, argued that there was an illegal intervention by President Donald Trump on the bid, and has challenged the court, and in February 2020 The US Federal Court of Justice had developed a situation in which it admitted Amazon's request and suspended JEDI's progress.

Opposition that Amazon lost the Pentagon's cloud business bid competition ``because of President Trump's political intervention''-GIGAZINE

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Regarding this trouble surrounding JEDI, the official blog of AWS, Amazon's cloud service, has made a new post titled 'Why continue to protest against politically corrupt contracts'. This post finally decided to award JEDI contract to Microsoft, despite DoD having the opportunity to secure a place for fair bid competition as a result of Amazon suing for fair bid competition It includes the meaning of protest against what has been done .

In March 2020, DoD announced a corrective action plan to revisit the JEDI contract, but Amazon said that ``Microsoft is just a step to fix the proposal that did not comply with the JEDI contract. It is clear that it was not there.' In its case, Amazon criticized DoD for failing to meet the evaluation standards that DoD originally listed for concluding the JEDI contract. However, despite Amazon's allegations, DoD did not reassess the evaluation of each service when it signed the JEDI contract.

Regarding this, Amazon said, ``This is not that DoD signed a JEDI contract by relatively assessing the strength of Amazon and Microsoft's cloud service, it is possible that improper influence such as politics greatly affected the JEDI contract Is high.” 'It's clear that DoD revaluations are flawed and prejudiced and politically corrupt decisions. It's also important that DoD cited pricing as a key factor in its previous decision. Has achieved cost savings of tens of millions of dollars (billions of yen),' he said, complaining that there was no fair competition.

Much of the information is revealed throughout the litigation, so Amazon says it has 'gained more confidence' in its case. Although some of the 'information revealed through the lawsuit' has already been made public, it seems that there is still a lot of information that has not yet been made public.

'We are concerned that the JEDI contract threatened the integrity of the federal procurement system and the access of US military personnel and civil servants to the best possible technology,' Amazon said. 'I'm worried that people working in the US Department of Defense are more and more likely to act on the desire to please the president rather than making the right decision,' he said.

In addition, DoD refused to investigate the allegation that President Trump was willing to enter a JEDI contract between DoD and Amazon, ``President Trump interfered with DoD in the JEDI contract'', DoD refused, DoD Inspector General Amazon pointed out that senior military personnel are no longer able to make sound judgments, including the fact that President Trump removed the person who became a political threat by demotioning. He criticized that the move to remove the AWS in the JEDI contract this time was made not by DoD but by President Trump, 'the corruption decision was made by the president's selfishness.'

“We are proud of AWS's role in helping US government customers reach their unique goals. Currently, more than 6500 government agencies are using the AWS cloud and our services Offers unparalleled levels of security, agility, innovation and reliability, and the opportunity to bid on JEDI is to support the US military and gain more trust within the intelligence community. It's also an initiative,' he said, bidding for JEDI was to help the US military maintain its dominance on the digital battlefield.

Amazon also argued that DoD's federal procurement system should be managed so that it will not be affected by government leaders, ``American president uses DoD's budget to pursue his political objectives. Should it be allowed?'

At the same time as Amazon criticized the government's corruption in the JEDI contract, it also claimed the superiority of its cloud computing service AWS. AWS has been named a leader in cloud infrastructure by Gartner's Magic Quadrant for the 10th consecutive year, claiming that it 'provides more services and features than any other cloud provider,' We emphasize that the reason for losing the bid competition with Microsoft is not superior or inferior service.

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