Amazon is acquiring a 1 trillion yen scale business 'JEDI' that centralizes the data of the US Department of Defense in the cloud, and view of virtual de facto race '

By Rudi Riet

The success of Amazon as a successful bid for the plan " JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure)" planning to transfer all the data operated by the US Department of Defense to the cloud and manage it centrally has become increasingly dense. Due to the characteristics of the plan, it is said that the total amount of this plan which only a single vendor undertakes business comprehensively is said to be 10 billion dollars (about 1.1 trillion yen), and for Amazon and other vendors Although it can be said that it is a business of drooling, the prescribed reference line is said to be "it can only clear Amazon", and it also emerged that lobbyists related to Amazon were involved in formulating that line It is.

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Data managed by the US Department of Defense are stored in over 400 data centers located in various places. However, the ministry is promoting the plan "JEDI" to improve efficiency by shifting data to cloud management. This effort is not the first implementation by the Department of Defense, and as of 2013 the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has been successfully improving security and accessibility by using AWS to cloud.

And the Department of Defense announced on July 26, 2018 the start of accepting proposals for JEDI. Huge contract contents of 10 billion dollars (about 1.100 trillion yen) are unparalleled, and the winning bidder is the largest government business contractor in the United States.

However, the eyes of doubt are directed to the contents of the selection criteria. The view that the contents of JEDI published on that day when the US government enters the summer vacation is virtually created to decide on Amazon. A variety of specifications are defined in the government-created proposal request document as small as 1400 pages, but much of the content is content that can only be cleared by Amazon's AWS (Amazon Web Service) It's called.

By Fort Belvoir Community Hospital

As a major premise, bidders to JEDI are required to earn more than 2 billion dollars (about 220 billion yen) annually by the cloud business. Only a few cloud service vendors including AWS can clear this. Also, it is stipulated that it is necessary for the distance between data centers to be 150 miles or less (about 240 km), and this is also content that only Amazon can clear. In addition, although the condition of "RAM 32 GB or more" is required for the server, this is also a state where only Amazon meets the standard. Microsoft is 28 GB, which is regarded as a rival, 30 GB for Google, and it is imperative that you need to invest huge expenses to upgrade to criteria that meet your requirements.

In fact, the situation of JEDI whisper to the stakeholder "Amazon-made race", it is clear that the person who is related to Amazon was involved in formulating the standard. The policy of the Department of Defense to advance the cloud to a certain extent has been considered reliable for some time, but the fact that it was largely moved to the timing when Secretary of Defense James Mathis hired a lobbyist who had consulted Amazon in the past I agree. This lobbyist, Mr. Sally Donnelly, was working as a top advisor to Matisse at the time of deciding JEDI's detailed requirements.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos also is working with the Department of Defense, and in August 2017 he was appointed Secretary of Matisse at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle.

Stakeholders inside the US Congress point out that Mr. Donnelly's involvement is in violation of federal law prohibiting administrative officials from participating in government decisions affecting personal interests. On the other hand, Mr. Donnelly insists that there is no problem through the lawyers that all stocks of related companies have already been released in advance, and because they are away from the affairs of related companies.

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