Research results that the mechanism that the new type coronavirus attacks the human body with a super computer was found

A research team at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory reported that a novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) caused a fatal damage mechanism to the human body by genetic analysis using the supercomputer

Summit .

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In response to COVID-19, which is swaying worldwide, major IT companies such as IBM, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have gathered and said, 'Release American supercomputing resources', and the equipment and equipment owned by each company Has shown that it will be useful for research.

IBM, Amazon, Google, Microsoft cooperate with the government to provide 330 peta FLOPS processing capacity for research on new coronavirus-GIGAZINE

Of IBM POWER9 with a processor Summit also, one of the super computer that has been put into COVID-19 study. The research team led by Mr. Dan Jacobson of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which owns Summit, made Summit analyze more than 40,000 genetic data provided by 17,000 people, gene sequences and COVID-19 of I investigated the relationship between symptoms.

Can be calculated per second 20 Kyokai, Japan Fugaku even Summit, which boasts the second-largest computing power the world after, things that took a week to verify the combination of the gene, which is also 25 Okukumi.

As a result of analysis using Summit, it was found that a gene related to the substance called bradykinin was overexpressed in the alveolar cells of COVID-19 patients. It was also found that the gene of COVID-19 patients has low expression of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) that suppresses the action of bradykinin.

Bradykinin is a substance that dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, but excessive amounts increase vascular permeability and make it easier for body fluids to leak from blood vessels. In COVID-19 patients, fluid leaks into the lungs, causing inflammation and dyspnea, and skin symptoms such as “ (PDF file) COVID toe ”, which is similar to blisters and mess on the toes, occur. It is known that these are explained by the 'bradykinin storm' caused by excess bradykinin.

Bradykinin Storm can also explain a variety of other symptoms in COVID-19 patients, such as muscle aches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and cognitive decline. These symptoms are also consistent with those of hereditary angioedema that are already known to be caused by bradykinin.

In previous research, COVID-19 is an over-reaction of the immune ' cytokine storm is a theory of the' is related to the severity of COVID-19 has been cast , but Jacobson et al in the current study From the results, we newly propose the 'bradykinin hypothesis' that 'bradykinin storm' causes the symptoms of COVID-19.

According to research by the research team, there are at least 10 types of existing drugs that act on the mechanism identified this time. In the paper, the research team concludes, 'The results of this study suggest that prevention and treatment centered on drugs that reduce bradykinin production may be useful in the fight against COVID-19'. I am.

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