Microsoft announces deep fake countermeasure tool 'Video Authenticator'

Microsoft has announced ' Microsoft Video Authenticator ' as a countermeasure tool for the technology '

Deep Fake ' that combines images with artificial intelligence (AI) to create a movie that does not feel strange.

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Deep fake technology for synthesizing images with AI is evolving, and there is also concern that 'is it impossible to distinguish between a real movie and a movie that has been made?' With deep fake, you can easily create a movie that a celebrity is saying that you never really said.

A movie that Facebook's Zuckerberg CEO made by deep fake talks about ``data control''-GIGAZINE

The United States presidential election is due in November 2020, and it is expected that a lot of political impression manipulation using deep fake will occur. To combat this deep fake, Microsoft is working with government agencies to promote the Defending Democracy Program , a project against hacking fake news and online elections. As part of that, we announced a deep fake counter tool, Microsoft Video Authenticator.

``Microsoft Video Authenticator'' analyzes images and movies to detect fading and gray scale at a level that can not be recognized by the human eyes due to deep fake, and determines whether editing by deep fake has been performed. Confidence score' is calculated. It will display at a glance whether or not Deep Fake was used.

A demonstration that actually judges the movie using 'Microsoft Video Authenticator' has also been released. The following is an unedited movie on the left and a movie edited by deep fake on the right. 'Microsoft Video Authenticator' displays a box and a 'confidence score' above the face of the talking woman. If this frame is green, it means there is a high probability that deep fake is not used, and if it is red, it means that there is a high probability that deep fake is used.

In addition, the 'Microsoft Video Authenticator' is also equipped with a function that allows the creator to add digital hashes and certificates to images and movies. By checking this digital hash and certificate, Microsoft writes that there is a high probability that the image / movie is not edited.

'Microsoft Video Authenticator' runs on Microsoft's cloud platform Microsoft Azure .

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