``Referer Modifier'' review that protects personal information by not knowing from which link it moved

Websites can find out from which site a visitor came from a link from the information in the HTTP referrer. This also means that if you flip it over, you will be 'knowing what kind of link you followed and moved', and in some cases, the parameter that gives you the personal information attached to the referencing page may be unintentionally leaked. It can happen. Extension ' Referer Modifier ' for Firefox protects the information by deleting or rewriting the HTTP referrer information.

Referer Modifier – Get extensions for Firefox (en)


First, access the above URL and click 'Add to Firefox'.

When asked 'Do you want to add Referer Modifier?', click 'Add'.

Click “OK”. In particular, icons are not added to the toolbar.

To set the Referer Modifier, select 'Addon' from the menu.

Click 'Referer Modifier' in 'Extension Management'.

Since a page like this is displayed, press 'Option' ...

Set from the following. First, enter the domain of the URL you did not want the referrer to be displayed in 'Target Domain', and click 'Remove' from the pull-down menu next to it.

Press 'Save Configuration' to save the settings.

When I checked, 'HTTP REFERER' was 'none' even if I jumped to the link destination from the specified domain.

Referer Modifier can be selected from the following menus in addition to deleting referrers.

・Keep/Do not modify referrer
・Send only the origin part such as Prune/scheme, host name and port number as a referrer
・Remove/Do not send referrer at all
・Send the origin part of the target as the referrer
・Replace/Replace referrer with preset value

The setting method is the same for both, but Replace is a little different. To increase the settings, press 'Add Domain'……

After specifying 'Replace', enter the replacement value in advance.

The settings can be downloaded as a json file from 'Export Configuration' → 'JSON file'.

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