Apple product warranty program ``AppleCare +'' subscription deadline extended to 1 year

It has been reported that the subscription period of the paid compensation program ' AppleCare+ ' that can be subscribed to when purchasing Apple products will be extended to a maximum of one year. This will allow Apple product users to have one year from their device purchase with Apple's dedicated specialist repair service and a Hardware Product Warranty of up to two damages or losses. I will.

Apple Gives Users More Time to Buy AppleCare After Sales Slow-Bloomberg

AppleCare+ is a paid service that extends the hardware warranty and 90 days of free technical support that comes with the product at no cost . For example, if you subscribe to ' AppleCare+ for iPhone ' for iPhone users, you can extend the support period for repair service of broken iPhone and express replacement service that can be replaced with new one to 2 years, but the opportunity to join is from purchasing the iPhone It was limited to 60 days (30 days in Japan).

About this AppleCare+, Bloomberg of the major media reported on August 18, 2020, ``It turned out that Apple issued a notice to the store and customer service employees to extend the subscription deadline for the AppleCare + service,''. did.

``Extending the deadline will give customers new opportunities to protect their devices and access the benefits of AppleCare+,'' Apple said in a notice to employees. .. According to the notification, the subscription deadline will be extended only to those who pay the annual membership fee of AppleCare + collectively or in installments with Apple Card, and other payment methods are not supported. This extension of the subscription deadline for AppleCare+ is applicable only to the United States and Canada, and the status of support in Japan is unknown at the time of article creation.

Bloomberg said that Apple has extended the deadline for AppleCare+, ``By giving consumers more time to join AppleCare+, we can expect service sales and performance improvement of Apple's digital services department Also, Apple's CEO Tim Cook recently said that a pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is curbing demand for AppleCare+.'

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