Dogs can be trained to sniff out the new coronavirus

One of the problems with the epidemic of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is the limited number of laboratories for diagnosis. Meanwhile, German researchers succeeded in training a dog to sniff out the new coronavirus.

Scent dog identification of samples from COVID-19 patients – a pilot study | BMC Infectious Diseases | Full Text

You can see how the actually trained dog sniffs out the new coronavirus in the following movie.

Diagnoses by dog noses – Dogs can sniff out patients with COVID-19-YouTube

Researchers at the Medical University of Hanover, Germany, have conducted experiments to see if it is possible to train dogs to sniff saliva and mucus between infected and infected individuals with a novel coronavirus infection.

The dog that participated in the experiment is a detection dog belonging to the German Federal Army. After a week of training, we randomly presented samples in front of the dogs to test their ability to sniff correctly.

As a result of smelling more than 1000 samples in the test, the trained dog succeeded in sniffing the secretions of COVID-19 infected people with a probability of 83% and the secretions of non-infected people with a probability of 96% doing. The correct rate for sniffing by trained dogs was 94% in both infected and uninfected individuals.

This is how the dog actually smells.

A dog sticks his nose to a device with a number of holes. There is a sample in the hole of the device, and a new coronavirus positive sample is placed in the part painted in green on the left side. The dog who stuck his nose in various holes, released it, and repeated ...

Positive samples smell well for a long time.

For reasons why dogs sniff out new coronaviruses, says Maren von Köckritz, 'Illness patients have altered metabolism. I think dogs sniff out these metabolic changes.' ..

Studies have shown that dogs can smell and smell cancer , malaria , and epileptic seizures . A well-trained researcher at the University of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who studied malaria odors, said that well trained dogs can assess up to 250 dogs per hour. The existence of such dogs is very important in places where equipment for diagnosing illness is not available.

Although researchers emphasized that the smell of the new coronavirus is still in the pilot research stage, it is expected to develop in various fields in the future.

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