Clearly the dog can sever the "odor" of human lung cancer

Before,A man who took away his / her lifetime thanks to the fact that his pet cut his thumbs off his petAlthough the incident was posted, it seems that the dog will detect human diseases with its sharp olfactory sense, according to the latest research conducted in Germany this time,A trained dog can caught the presence or absence of lung cancerResults have been reported.

Study shows dogs can sniff out lung cancer

According to the European Lung Foundation, which conducted research in Europe, lung cancer is easy to apply regardless of gender and woman, and the incidence rate is the second highest in cancer. And it is said that 340,000 people annually lose their lives with lung cancer.

To raise the survival rate of lung cancer patients, early detection is the first priority anyway. However, as there are few early symptoms of lung cancer as coughs, including cancer, which is characteristic of cancer, it is almost always discovered after cancer has progressed. Regarding early detection, we had to rely almost on coincidence.

In order to ascertain the presence of substances indicative of the onset of lung cancer, researchers at Schillerhoehe's hospital in Germany gathered samples of a total of 220 exhalation samples, including lung cancer patients, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and healthy people, Did.

The ability of a trained dog to pinch a sample of expired air is excellent and it pointed out 71 out of 100 breath samples that may be suffering from lung cancer, so the detection rate is as high as 71%. And out of 400 samples of healthy people who are not on lung cancer, I pointed out 372, and I hit a higher detection rate of 93%. From these results, we found that there is a high probability of segregating the presence or absence of lung cancer.

However, it is not yet clear whether the dog is reacting to a specific substance. Anyway, the researchers showed the view that "There are substances that should also be called landmarks that make it possible to identify lung cancer" as a result of this result.

This researchEuropean Respiratory JournalThorsten Walles, author of the publication in the journal says, "The expiration of a lung cancer patient contains a chemical substance different from that of a human body in a healthy body, and the early detection of lung cancer becomes possible by using the dog's sharp olfaction Please tell me. Mr. Walles commented that it is sorry that "I can not hear the name of the substance that was hooked from the dog," somewhat jokes mixedly, but my attitude towards research is very serious, so as to enable early detection of lung cancer Research is going to be further advanced.

It is not realistic to take a dog into the hospital for examination, but if the identity of the chemical substance that the dog is hooking is revealed, a device with olfaction that can literally cut the lung cancer It is considered possible to develop it.

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