U.S. Space Force announces logo & code of conduct and explains design details

12 May 2019, 'as the army of the newly established since it was the United States Air Force is founded 72 years

the United States Space Command ' was born. The U.S. Space Force has issued a formal logo and code of conduct.

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The U.S. Space Force is the first army established in the United States for the first time in 72 years, which was born just one year after President Donald Trump issued a presidential decree in June 2018 to create a space force.

President Trump, who worked hard to establish the US Space Force, announced the US Space Force logo on his Twitter account in January 2020. 'We are pleased to announce the new logo of the US Army, the sixth army for the United States, as a result of discussions with great military leaders, designers, and others,' he said in a tweet.

However, many comments were posted on this logo that it closely resembles the Star Federation Starfleet logo.

And the newly announced logo is as follows. The design has changed from the logo tweeted by President Trump, but the point is that it is based on the delta shape. The U.S. Space Force's official Twitter account says, 'Delta (the shape used for the logo) was first used by the U.S. Space Force in 1961, and has been a space expert for generations. The shape has been affecting the '.

The action guideline is 'Semper Supra: Always Above'. The U.S. Space Force explains the action guidelines, 'It represents the role that the U.S. Space Force will play in establishing, maintaining, and protecting the freedom of operations that the United States executes in outer space.'

The U.S. Space Force also explains the new logo on the official website.

According to the explanation, the silver outline means to protect and protect from all enemies and threats flying from the outer space. And the black area inside the silver outer frame expresses the vast darkness of the universe. In addition, the two thorns at the tip of the delta type in the upper center indicate that a rocket supporting the central role of the U.S. Space Force in the defense of the space area is launched outside the atmosphere. is. The star-shaped mark in the center of the logo represents North Star, and serves as a guide for the mission of the US Space Force. And the bottom of the Delta represents the four forces supporting the U.S. Space Force, the Air Force, the Army, the Navy, and the Marines.

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