'Smoking Gun' review that makes any food crispy and smoked in a short time

Smoked cardboard smokers and smoked metal smokers that you can buy at a low price are difficult to prepare and use. ' Smoking Gun ' means that you can easily enjoy the crispy and smoked taste by smoking the smoke chips at the moment, so I actually tried using it.

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The Smoking Gun came in a small cardboard box with a label on it.

It contains the Smoking Gun body, tube, cleaning brush, and instruction manual.

This is the Smoking Gun itself.

The size is like this, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The weight including the tube is actually measured 300g.

The top surface is equipped with a combustion chamber for smoking chips.

Power button on the right side.

On the left side, there is a hole for connecting a tube for exhausting smoke.

When using, set the AA battery (sold separately) in the battery slot on the bottom.

Connect the tube to the connection hole.

Put smoke chips in the combustion chamber. This time I used Sakura's smoked chips.

When you press the power button and ignite the smoke tip with a lighter or match ...

Smoke is emitted from the tube. The main body of Smoking Gun works by sucking air from the combustion chamber side and sending it to the tube side.

The smoke actually emitted from the tube looks like this.

The smoke emitted from the 'Smoking Gun' tube looks like this-YouTube

Since the surface of the smoked ingredients needs to be dried in advance, try smoking the sausage with skin that has been dried for about an hour.

Put the sausage in a container with a lid or a plastic bag for food. This time, I put the sausage on the plate and covered it with a transparent container as shown below.

Insert the tip of the tube ...


Below is the actual smoked sausage.

Instantly smoking sausages with 'Smoking Gun'-YouTube

Since it was not a type of container that fits tightly, a considerable amount of smoke leaked out. The inside is filled with smoke and is pure white. I can't see what's in it.

When smoke chips were filled in the fuel chamber until it was full, smoke continued to be emitted for about 4 minutes.

When I ate the smoked sausage for a moment, the outer skin had a strong scent of sakura chips, while the inner taste remained the same. The instant smoking that is possible with Smoking Gun is just to add aroma. The sausage with skin was dried to reduce the amount of water that the scent easily permeates, and the skin part made it difficult for the scent to permeate, so I had the impression that the power of instant smoking was difficult to understand.

Next, try salmon for raw consumption. Normally, smoked salmon is dried for about a day before being smoked, but since instant smoked salmon is scented only, use non-dried salmon that is easily scented.

Smoke inevitably leaks from the gap between the plate and the lid, so this time we are using a zip lock with a high sealing force.

Below is the actual smoked salmon.

Instant smoking of raw salmon with 'Smoking Gun'-YouTube

Insert the tube all the way to the middle of the bag and the smoke will fill the inside.

Another advantage of zip lock is that you can close the lid tightly to prevent smoke from escaping after the instant smoking is completed. This time, after smoking for 4 minutes, I closed the zip lock for about 3 minutes to keep the smoke.

During instant smoking, it is better to close the lid so as to hold down the circumference of the tube as shown below to prevent smoke from escaping.

This time, the Smoking Gun is running until the smoke chips are burned out, so the overflowing smoke leaks out. The room is full of smoke and the room is smoked.

If you are in trouble if smoke leaks, you can adjust the amount of smoke appropriately by reducing the amount of smoke chips or pressing the power button in the middle to stop.

When you put the salmon before instant smoking (left side) and the completed salmon after instant smoking (right side) side by side, it looks like this. When I tried it, the salmon after instant smoking had a perfect scent, and although it was not smoked salmon, it looked like smoked salmon.

This time mixed nuts.

Put it in a zip lock ...

Smoked instantly for about 4 minutes, seal the zip lock and wait for about 3 minutes.

When I try to eat it, the scent of sakura chips fills my mouth at the moment I eat it, but after that I can only feel the taste of the mixed nuts themselves. Of the four types of almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, and macadamia nuts, walnuts with a complex shape had the strongest scent, so the larger the surface area, the easier it is for the scent to permeate.

As we found from the results so far, we chose prosciutto ham because it is a 'non-dry' and 'large surface area' food that is easy to smoke instantly.

Similarly, when I smoked it for 4 minutes, held it in a zip lock for 3 minutes, and then ate it, probably because the prosciutto was sliced thinly, the characteristic of smoked instantly that 'only the surface has a scent' is advantageous. Working and having a good sense of smoke. It was highly evaluated by the editorial staff who tasted it.

Cheese was highly evaluated by the editorial staff who tasted it.

Perhaps because the cheese is soft, the fragrance soaks into the inside, giving an impression close to authentic smoked cheese. The taste of the cheese itself matched the cherry chips, and it was an outstanding taste.

Instant smoking is smoked by spraying smoke to add aroma, so it is possible to add aroma to any food. In addition, instant smoking can add aroma not only to food but also to drinks, so whiskey and beer can be made to have a smoky taste, which is a big difference from normal smoking.

After using the Smoking Gun, clean the combustion chamber with a brush or water ...

Rinse the tube with water and let it dry.

It is strictly forbidden to wash the main body with water, so wipe every corner with a tissue.

However, after repeated use, liquids such as tar or wood vinegar sometimes leaked from the main body.

The leaking part looks like this, the point where different materials are in contact with each other. Since it seems that it has not been welded, it seems that the main body is filled with smoke, and the smoke becomes liquid and leaks from the gap.

This liquid cannot be removed by washing it if it gets on your hands, so be careful when handling it. As long as the smoked chips are burned, it is unavoidable that such dirt will come out, but since the inside of the main body is not a structure that can be disassembled, I felt that maintenance was not possible.

'Smoking Gun' was sold on Amazon.co.jp for 3999 yen including tax, but it was sold out at the time of writing the article, and the timing of restocking was unknown.

Amazon | Wancle Smoker Smoking Gun Edible Smoker Portable Smoker Home or Outdoor BBQ, etc. (Gold) | Wancle | Smoker

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