'Not A Wheel Chair', a super-wheelchair for outdoor use that can run hard on mountain roads and snow

Introducing the ' Not A Wheel Chair, ' which has evolved the wheelchairs that are essential for people with disabilities into outdoor mobility to actively enjoy the sea, sandy beaches, and mountain climbing, not just a means of transportation. JerryRigEverything, a YouTube channel that reviews smartphones and digital gadgets, introduces what kind of wheelchair Not A Wheel Chair, who is a wheelchair but says 'not in a wheelchair', is what it is.

This is'Not a Wheelchair'-Introducing The Rig-YouTube

The man on the left is YouTuber Zack Nelson. The woman on the right is Campbell, Nelson's girlfriend.

And, Mr. Campbell is on the 'Not A Wheel Chair'.

When two batteries are stacked, the mileage is about 40-55km. The torque is quite large, and even if Mr. Nelson rides on the Not A Wheel Chair operated by Campbell, it moves smoothly.

Normally, hiking in a wheelchair is quite difficult, but Campbell-san's Not A Wheel Chair runs along a rugged mountain path, just as Nelson follows him.

The Not A Wheel Chair is made of an aluminum frame so it is light and can be lifted by an adult male and loaded onto a pickup truck without using any special equipment or devices.

It was autumn, and the two came back for a hike.

Campbell who runs the hiking course with Not A Wheel Chair. Mr. Nelson will also be behind it.

On the way, the mountain road that cuts through the woods could be easily traveled with the Not A Wheel Chair.

With the Not A Wheel Chair wearing off-road tires, you can go on the road even in winter and on snowy roads.

Even on the beach where the tires would get caught in the sand...

You can also go along the shore where large rocks are rolling around.

The structure is very simple. The motor and chain rotate the rear wheel shaft.

By default, the battery is one, but you can increase it to two. Suspension is attached to the tire.

The tires are street type by default, but can be changed to off-road tires as an option. The brake is a disc brake.

The Not A Wheel Chair has a firmer underbody than a general electric wheelchair, so it's a rugged rock surface.

You can also drive uphill.

When getting off from Not A Wheel Chair...

Remove the steering wheel and the front wheel link for turning. No special equipment was needed, and Mr. Nelson could pull it off easily to remove it.

After removing the link, tilt the handle backwards...

Transfer to the wheelchair that you just installed.

'See, it's easy.'

The Not A Wheel Chair can be purchased for $4,750 (about 510,000 yen) by default, and $5,450 (about 590,000 yen) with the option of off-road tires and two batteries. However, shipping is only available within the United States.

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