Various bicycles with frames made of wood

Frame is the base of the bicycle, generally it is made of high tensile strength steel, stainless steel, aluminum, sports car is made of titanium or carbon fiber resin, but inside there are bicycles made of wood.

Details are as below.
The frame uses bamboo, and the handle imitates the cow's horn.

Ordinary type bicycleA style that reminds me.

A bike like a motorcycle.

Wooden to the loading platform.

It is possible to ride two people.

Row with a little lying postureRecumbentType like.

The front wheel belongs to the kick board.

I saw it in Rwanda. It's like a huge kickboard rather than a bicycle.

A wooden bike used for carrying goods. There seems to be no pedal, kicking the ground with your feet and going forward.

Wooden bicycle to tire. This seems to be uncomfortable for riding.

The frame is square.

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