When finished using a gardening set folding umbrella "melt"

Although it looks like a foldable umbrella with a slightly strange design, when it finishes using it, the part of the umbrella cloth is decomposed and reduced to the soil, and it seems to be able to garde seeds in the handshake there. It seems that the remaining handle part can be reused for the next umbrella so it is environmentally friendly, but it is a great idea ....

Details are as follows.
Coroflot - Garden Kit Sustainable Umbrella

A type umbrella that spreads when pulling the handle downwards.

The part of the umbrella cloth is made of waterproof garden film, the skeleton is made of cardboard or bamboo, it seems that it can be recycled without discarding it when it becomes unnecessary. The umbrella cloth is disassembled and reduced in the soil, and it seems that you can do gardening when you plant the seeds that are inside the handle.

Although it is an umbrella that often loses or breaks roughly, it seems I would like to take down the umbrella cloth until about a hole is empty.

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