'L-tiki chi-smoked flavor' tasting review where smoky smoked-flavored l-tiki overflows with thick and thick cheese

' L Tiki Chi-z Smoked Flavor ', which is made by adding smoked flavor to L Tiki containing cheese, has been available since June 30, 2020. L Tiki with cheese appeared in

March 2020, but I was wondering what kind of taste it would be if I added a smoky fragrance to it, so I actually purchased it and tried it. It was

L Chiki Chi-smoked Flavor | Lawson Official Website

Arrived at Lawson.

When I looked at the hot snack case at the cashier counter, I found that 'L Chiki Chi's Smoked Flavor' (218 yen including tax) was sold out, so I ordered a clerk to buy freshly fried food.

The 'L chiki chi-smoked flavor' looks like this and has a triangular shape.

When cut in half, the melted cheese overflowed from the inside.

When I ate a bite, I felt the juicy chicken flavor and the rich richness of cheese. The taste of chicken is light in the meat, so if you add a lot of cheese, the taste of the meat may be blurred, but with 'L chiki chi-smoked flavor', a smoky sausage-like taste makes the meat taste. As it stands out, it is possible to enjoy both the 'feeling of eating meat' and the flavor of cheese.

“L-Tiki Chi-z Smoked Flavor” has been on sale at Lawson nationwide since June 30, 2020 (Tuesday).

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