Research results that women believe in unscientific things because they trust intuition more than men

Women are more likely than men to believe in non-scientific, magical things such as 'spoilers' and 'superstitions.' The reason is pointed out by researchers at Columbia University, 'because we trust our intuition and intuition.'

Examining the roles of intuition and gender in magical beliefs-ScienceDirect

Higher trust in intuition helps account for why women are more likely to believe in magical phenomena

The research was published by Sara Ward of Columbia University and his paper was published in the June 2020 issue of the Journal of Research in Personality.

From four experiments conducted on a total of 2545 subjects,
1: Women tend to believe in non-scientific things more than men.
2: Women tend to trust intuition more than men and have lower scores on the cognitive reflex test.
3: Increasing the credibility of intuition makes men believe in unscientific things.
I understood that.

In the past, it was said that women's belief in unscientific things could be given reasons such as 'low rationality of thinking' and 'low intelligence', but Mr. Ward said about reasoning ability and intelligence. Denied this opinion, saying that the difference due to gender did not appear in the data. 'People who believe in intuition or their intuition tend to believe in non-scientific things,' he said.

On the other hand, we also know that people do not believe in non-scientific things if they have a 'sense of conquest and control' that they are doing things as they want. In general, men tend to be more conquered than women, which is consistent with the findings that women tend to believe in unscientific things.

But here, Ward raises questions about 'sports and gambling.' These two are the ones men prefer to women, despite their areas of unscientific thinking. At the root of problematic gambling behavior is the unscientific way of thinking that 'I am a special being and can control even random things.' In this way, when men go to unscientific ways of thinking only when they are gambling, Ward believes that men are also unscientific when it comes to victory and financial or personal gain. I'm guessing that. On the other hand, women are considered to be less risk tolerant than men, which may be the reason why they do not like sports and gambling.

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