Summary of ``Pokémon Presents Pokémon Presents'' that new titles of Pokemon popped out one after another

' Pokémon Presents ', which will announce new titles related to Pokemon , was broadcast from 22:00 on June 17, 2020 (Wednesday). In addition to the information about ' Pokémon Sword Shield Expansion Pass, ' which is the downloadable content of Pokemon Sword Shield, information on several new titles was released for the first time on the broadcast.

[Official] Pokémon Presents 2020.6.17-YouTube

Ishihara representative director of Pokemon Co., Ltd. appeared.

First announced was a new game called Pokemon Smile.

Is there something like this?

Toothbrushing time is a little stressful for both children and adults. A game that makes the daily brushing of your teeth a little more fun...

It is 'Pokemon Smile'.

'Pokemon Smile' is a game to brush teeth with Pokemon and defeat the dental caries.

Make stress times fun.

Even children who don't like brushing can improve their brushing and become a habit.

For the smiles of all children and parents

Started free distribution for iOS and Android from 22:00.

Next, I mixed Pokemon, Cafe and Battle...

Pokemon's new puzzle game 'Pokemon Cafe Mix'

The player becomes the manager of a cafe where Pokemon stands...

Challenge the puzzle

A puzzle game in which Pokemon is spun around and connected

Customers are the favorite Pokemon of the cafe

When you get along with Pokemon and others, you can even become a staff member who will help you at the cafe.

Each Pokémon uses their skills to help.

As the game progresses, a new cafe space expands...

May a new Pokemon come.

Basic play is free and there are some billing elements. Coming soon for Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android.

Pokemon Cafe Mix will be delivered soon.

``New Pokemon Snap'' that Pokemon Snap revives with Nintendo Switch appears-GIGAZINE

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