A popular podcast application will be deleted from Google Play saying `` You can listen to unofficial new corona information '', but it is pointed out that the official podcast application of Google also delivers the same kind of information

One of the most popular

podcast applications that appeared in 2011 and downloaded more than 9 million times, ' Podcast Addict ', has been deleted from Google Play, the official Google app store that distributes Android applications. The reason for deletion is 'because information is distributed about the new coronavirus that has not been approved by the government or public health agencies.'

Google bans Podcast Addict app after 9 years for letting users play podcasts that reference COVID-19

Podcast Addict is the most popular podcast app on Google Play, with over 9 million downloads and over 2 billion audio data downloaded through the app. Over the nine years since the Podcast Addict was delivered, we have received over 500,000 user ratings, with a very high average rating of 4.7.

Xavier Guillemane, the developer of such Podcast Addict, receives the following notification from Google. Some of the notices are 'Apps referencing New Coronavirus Infectious Disease (COVID-19) or its related terms in accordance with Article 8, Section 3 of the

Google Play Developer Sales / Distribution Agreement are authorized by official government agencies or public health organizations. The distribution on Google Play is only approved if it is published, commissioned, and approved. 'The reason why the application was deleted from Google Play is described. In addition, Google notified Guillemane, 'If you want to return the app to the store, please delete the COVID-19 related words from the app.'

Podcast apps like Podcast Addict connect users to podcasts, but they don't hold the content. The way a podcast app serves content is similar to how a web browser connects a user to a website. So what Google is asking Podcast Addict to say is that 'other than government agencies or public health organizations are asking Google to remove all information about the new coronavirus on websites and social media. Stuff, ” Reclaim The Net points out.

Moreover, Google's official podcast app, Google Podcast , delivers a lot of new coronavirus-related information that has not been approved by government agencies or public health organizations like Podcast Addict.

Existing Podcast Addict users can use the app as usual, but new installation of the app and in-app purchase are not possible.

In addition, Podcast Addict has been discontinued from Google AdMob, a service for displaying ads on apps to support development.

Podcast Addict delivers the APK file on Google Drive so that users can install the app on their device, but this version of the app does not appear in Android Auto .

Guillemane asked 'Did you consider choosing a platform other than Google?', 'It can't be a real solution. Unfortunately, the app is on Google or Apple's official store. If it doesn't exist, then the app is essentially nonexistent, and it took nine years to reach 10 million downloads and 500,000 reviews. It makes no sense to start over from scratch. There is no. '

In addition, Guillemane said, 'If you're an independent developer who has been developing apps on your own for the last nine years, then having no control over the situation (like me today) is the worst. You have full control over your app. It's really depressing that I've fallen out of control over night. ”

Guillemane predicts that even if all goes well, it will take 21 days for the situation to settle, and the inability to install Podcast Addict on new Android devices will result in the loss of many existing users.

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