'TikTok continues to violate the Children's Privacy Protection Law,' 20 groups filed complaints jointly

Under the joint name, 20 children's advocacy groups in the United States have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that 'TikTok continues to violate the Children's Privacy Protection Act.'

Microsoft Word-TikTok Complaint Embargoed Till May 14 -Public--tik_tok_complaint.pdf
(PDF file) https://commercialfreechildhood.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/tik_tok_complaint.pdf

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This time, the complaints have been filed by child advocacy groups, consumer groups, and privacy advocacy groups such as the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood , the Center for Digital Democracy , and the Electronic Privacy Information Center . These groups have appealed to the FTC to investigate and dispose of TikTok, 'providing evidence that TikTok violates the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and others.'

It has been pointed out that TikTok, which is a platform for short movies for mobile, has not been enough protection for children, and in February 2019 it was $ 5.7 million (about 630 million yen at that rate). ) Has been fined.

Popular video sharing app TikTok will fine more than 600 million yen because of `` information collection of children ''-GIGAZINE

The organization claims that TikTok has not deleted movies uploaded by users under the age of 13 before 2016, contrary to the decision `` Delete personal information of children '' imposed in February 2019. He accuses TikTok of violating the February 2019 ruling and the Children's Privacy Protection Act.

In addition, child care groups have complained that 'TikTok's stance on the protection of children has not improved.' TikTok is an application aimed at people over 13 years old, and when a child under 13 years old creates an account, an account called 'younger users account' with restrictions on movie posting etc. will be created. However, since this age confirmation is performed by 'self-report of date of birth', a normal account can be created only by the child inputting the date of birth of the lie. Furthermore, since it is possible to create an account again with a device that once created a 'younger users account', it is creating a problem that 'a child recreates a normal account'.

“TikTok has been ignoring the Children's Privacy Act for many years, nothing has changed since we were punished by the FTC,” said Josh Gorin, executive director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. We urge them to take prompt action and sanction TikTok again, and demand fines and orders commensurate with TikTok's ongoing breaches. ' Representatives of other groups have also issued similar accusations.

TikTok has begun working with a Dutch data protection agency to investigate whether privacy is properly protected. TikTok has committed to 'full cooperation' in this investigation.

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