Bitrate reduction of new corona virus measures by Netflix finished

In order to cope with the increase in traffic volume due to refraining from going out, Netflix has been reducing the

bit rate (information amount) of content in Europe from the middle of March 2020, but it seems that the problem is about to disappear, the bit rate from users in various places There is a report that is back. However, the regulation period, which was originally announced as '30 days', will eventually reach 50 days or more, and the fee will change depending on the image quality, so users will also be dissatisfied.

Netflix has started reverting streaming quality back to normal-FlatpanelsHD

According to Flatpanels HD, which deals with news about video content and displays, users from Germany, Denmark, Norway, etc. have heard that Netflix's bit rate reduction that had been done from the middle of March 2020 has ended.

This bit rate reduction measure was taken because Internet traffic is expected to increase due to waiting at home due to new corona virus measures. Netflix commented that the action was scheduled for '30 days.'

It turned out that YouTube and Netflix lowered the video bit rate in some areas, and why? -GIGAZINE

Ultimately, Netflix's bitrate reduction period lasted 50 days. It is good to be able to enjoy the content with the original high image quality safely, but since Netflix has different price settings depending on image quality, Reddit user Bogus Badger says `` I am paying for 4K image quality However, it was not something that was seen very much. ' In the case of Japan, the price is 4K (super high image quality) premium plan 1800 yen per month (excluding tax), HD (high image quality) 1200 yen per month (excluding tax), SD (standard definition) 800 yen per month (excluding tax) .. Bogus Badger wrote one day before the report that 'the bit rate reduction measures were completed' came out.

How long will people keep accepting the low bitrates that were supposed to be here for only 30 days?: Netflix

Since Japan was not included in the bit rate reduction measures in the first place, there is no impact.

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