Streaming services such as Netflix will not be seen on the Wii

by Marcin Chady

In " Wii " which is a game hard released by Nintendo in 2006, I was able to purchase various contents through the channel called Wii shopping channel . Although it was announced that this service will be terminated in January 2019, this Wii shopping channel has been announced before, but it is reported that the provision of streaming service such as Netflix will end with the termination of service.

Nintendo is shutting down streaming video for the Wii in January 2019 - The Verge

Netflix, a leading streaming service, sent a message to the user saying "Nintendo's Wii shuts down the video streaming service as of January 31, 2019, so you can not see Netflix through Wii since then." It was.

From the contents that Netflix sent by e-mail, Nintendo is supposed to finish offering not only Netflix but also other streaming services such as Amazon prime video and Hulu. Although Wii appeared before these streaming services appeared, it corresponded to the streaming service through the Wii shopping channel, and now it seems that many users are using these streaming services through Wii I will.

The termination of correspondence of the streaming service affects only the Wii user, and the user of Wii U is not affected by this change. In addition, the Nintendo Switch that Nintendo sells sequentially corresponds to Nico Nico video, Hulu , YouTube video distribution service, and Netflix is ​​said to be highly likely to correspond to the Nintendo Switch in the future.

Nintendo Switch is the ideal hardware to use streaming service - GIGAZINE

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