Zoom acquires encryption technology startup Keybase, will security be improved by end-to-end encryption

Zoom Video Communications, the online conferencing app Zoom , announced on May 7, 2020 that it has acquired Keybase , a startup that develops encryption technology. This is expected to improve the safety of Zoom, which has often been pointed out as a security issue.

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Keybase joins Zoom

Zoom buys Keybase in first deal as part of plan to fix security

Zoom is rapidly expanding the number of users due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but privacy problems such as camera activation without user's permission , data of people who do not have a Facebook account being sent to Facebook , Security problems such as ' password problem ' in which communication is not protected by password and a part of encryption key is issued by Chinese server have been frequently mentioned.

`` Zoom '', an online video conferencing application with a series of security and privacy related issues-GIGAZINE

As a result, Zoom has received rigorous evaluations, such as being designated by Google as an app that is prohibited from use by employees and being sued by investors for class actions.

Google bans online video conferencing application `` Zoom ''-GIGAZINE

Zoom is sued for investors due to security and privacy issues-GIGAZINE

In response to these criticisms, Zoom announced a ' 90-day security plan ' on April 8th, showing its focus on improving privacy and security safety.

In addition, Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan announced on May 7 that it has acquired Keybase, a startup that develops end-to-end encrypted video calling technology. This is the first time Zoom has acquired another company in nine years. In consideration of the influence of the new coronavirus, the acquisition negotiations between the two companies were said to have been carried out by a video call on Zoom, and details such as the acquisition price and conditions have not been clarified.

'In the near future, Zoom will provide end-to-end encrypted conference mode for all paying accounts. Yuan said,' In the near future, the temporary symmetric key generated by the conference host is It is shared among clients and the attendee list is updated as changes occur. Encrypted communication is managed by the host, who can authorize which clients to join the conference on which device. '.

“For the time being, making Zoom more secure is our top priority. For the time being, our short-term goal is to work on a larger product than our previous Keybase products, and However, I cannot tell you anything clear because I am just working on it, ”he said, saying that the concrete image of the improvement will be clarified in the future.

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