Microsoft points out that it is also interested in acquiring TikTok's UK business

Microsoft, which has been negotiating for a long time over the American business acquisition of the short movie sharing application `

`TikTok '' developed and operated by ByteDance in China, said that it is interested in also acquiring ``TikTok's British business''. It is reported.

Microsoft Weighs Buying TikTok's UK Services Too, Fox Reports-Bloomberg

There is suspicion that TikTok is 'connecting with the Chinese government and providing user data', and US President Donald Trump sold TikTok to an American company as a condition not to prohibit the use of TikTok in the country that you are looking for. Twitter has made a name of itself in the acquisition of TikTok, but Microsoft, which has been promoting negotiations for the acquisition of TikTok for a long time, is considered to be a promising candidate.

It was reported that Microsoft was only trying to acquire TikTok's business in four countries of the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but Microsoft is also interested in ``TikTok's UK business acquisition'' newly Was reported.

It is unclear whether TikTok wants to sell its UK business, and no official offer has been made. In addition, it is also clear that TikTok is planning to move its headquarters to London, England to keep a distance from the parent company Byte Dance.

``Tik Tok'' plans to move its headquarters from China to the UK-GIGAZINE

President Trump's presidential decree signed on August 6, 2020 demanded that if the negotiations for the acquisition of TikTok are not completed by September 15, 2020, the domestic use of TikTok will be prohibited. However, the new presidential decree signed on August 14th changed the requirement to 'sell TikTok's American business within 90 days' and increased the grace period for ByteDance to close the acquisition transaction. Will be.

President Trump orders ByteDance to divest from its US TikTok business within 90 days

In the executive order, President Trump said, 'There is enough evidence to be convinced that ByteDance could take actions that could jeopardize US national security,' with all the data about U.S. TikTok users. I'm asking ByteDance to discard it. The presidential decree also requires reporting the destruction of data to the US Foreign Investment Commission (CFIUS) .

'CFIUS offers a thorough review of the transaction, and unanimously recommends actions to protect American users from misuse of personal data,' said US Treasury Secretary Stephen Munushin . Commented. It seems that the 90-day sale deadline can be extended for 30 days at CFIUS' discretion, and the acquisition deadline may be further extended depending on the progress of the transaction.

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