'Is this a sandwich?', A site that asks users the definition of a sandwich, 'Is this a sandwich?'

Overseas, the definition of a sandwich is often fierce, such as 'If a sandwich is sandwiched between bread, then the hot dog should be put in the sandwich.' 'The hot dog should be a distinct dish from the sandwich.' There is controversy. Although the '

cube rule ' that geometrically interprets the shape of bread has been devised in the past, the definition of sandwich has not been finalized. Meanwhile, the website ' Is this a sandwich? ' Was launched with the intention of ' evaluating the definition of an individual sandwich rather than defining it unilaterally .'

Is this a sandwich?

When you access Is this a sandwich? A picture and name of the dish are displayed in the center. If you think 'This dish is a sandwich', click 'YES'. If you think 'This dish is not a sandwich', just click 'NO'. The first time the sandwich itself appeared, click 'YES'.

The Spanish

empanada , which folds the dough and wraps it like a dumpling, was asked if it was a “sandwich”. I didn't have the impression that it was sandwiched with bread, so I chose 'NO'.

Folded baked Swedish specialty pizza 'dough

folded pizza ' is also, I did not think the sandwich click 'NO'.

The hamburger may be said to be a sandwich in terms of 'sandwiched ingredients' ... so I chose 'YES'. With this kind of feeling, I will answer 'whether the displayed food can be classified as a sandwich'.

Other ice cream sandwiches ...

Introducing dishes that bear the name of sandwiches, such as cookie sandwich.

Also, 'sushi

burritos ', which is a combination of Japanese sushi and tex -mex cuisine burritos.

Judgment is also required for dishes that you can't think of as sandwiches, such as

cheese fondue , which is a Swiss dish eaten by dipping bread in melted cheese. In addition, if you judge that a dish that is far from the image of a general sandwich is a sandwich, it may be displayed on the screen as 'WUT?'.

After answering all 18 questions, the concept of sandwiches will be evaluated on two axes: Lawful-Neutral-Chaotic and Good-Neutral-Evil. . This time, it seems to have been evaluated as Lawful Good.

According to developer Sarah Drasner, 'Is this a sandwich?' Was created in just one day. 'You'll learn a lot about yourself, each other, and sandwiches, and in the process you'll probably yell at them. I'm looking forward to yelling at everyone and looking forward to yelling at each other.' He says.

In addition, 'Is this a sandwich?' Is developed with open source, and the source code is published on GitHub.

GitHub-sdras / is-this-a-sandwich: Is this a sandwich?

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