Amazon decided to significantly cut the referral fee rate from affiliate links, depending on the product also cut more than 50%


associate program (affiliate) is a link to a product sold on Amazon is set on a website or application, and if the user buys a product via this link, a certain referral fee will be obtained. It is a system that can. On April 14, 2020 (Tuesday), it was revealed that Amazon notified American Associate Program members that the referral rate for some product categories will be significantly cut from April 21st (Tuesday).

Amazon slashes commission rates for affiliate program

Amazon reportedly planning drastic cuts to affiliate commission rates starting next week-The Verge

CNBC , a news broadcaster in the United States, reported that Amazon sent an 'email notifying the change in the referral fee rate of the associate program' to members of the associate program in the United States on April 14, 2020. It was The change in the referral fee rate is not uniform and varies depending on the product category, but in some product categories, the referral fee rate will decrease by 50% or more than before.

The table below shows the referral rates for the Associates program that Amazon in the United States has provided so far. Please note that the referral rates for the Associate Program are different between Amazon in the US and Amazon in Japan .

On the other hand, this is the

new referral fee rate that was notified by email sent to Associate Program members on April 14. Not all product categories have changed, but furniture, home maintenance products, garden products and pet products are 8% to 3%, headphones, beauty products, musical instruments, business products and industrial products are 6% to 3%, It seems that the referral fee rate has dropped by more than 50% in some categories, such as 5% to 1% for food products. Also, outdoor products, sports products, baby products, healthcare products, etc. will be affected. The email did not mention the reason for changing the referral rate.

The change will hurt the digital media industry, said tech media The Verge. Major digital media such as BuzzFeed, New York Times, and Vox have utilized Amazon's associate program to build a system to receive revenue by putting Amazon's affiliate link in the article.

Also, a person who benefits from Amazon's Associates program utilizing Facebook group commented to CNBC's interview that he could not 'accept' the drastic reduction in referral fees. He argued that changing the referral rate would hurt many people.

Amazon is one of the few companies that is experiencing significant special demand due to the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) that is raging around the world. With the increase in demand for mail-order services that enable customers to receive products without going out, in March 2020, in addition to announcing the hiring of 100,000 new people, as a result of prioritizing the shipment of daily necessities `` Amazon Prime The delivery date in Japan will be one month ahead . ' However, it is not clear whether this referral rate change is related to the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

When CNBC contacted an Amazon spokesman, he acknowledged that he had notified Associate Program members of the change in referral rates by email on April 14. A spokeswoman commented that Amazon regularly evaluates and reviews the contents of its Associates program in the face of competition across a wide range of industries. However, he didn't say why he changed the referral rate, nor did he mention the impact of the new coronavirus infection.

At the time of writing the article, it is unknown whether the referral rate for the Associates program will be changed on Amazon in Japan. The referral fees as of April 15 are as follows.

Associates Central-Welcome to Amazon Associates-What is the Associates Program?

10% Amazon video (rental / purchase), Amazon coin
8% Kindle books, digital music downloads, Android apps, food and beverages, alcohol, clothes, fashion accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags, Amazon pantry products, SaaS store target PC software (* 2)
5% Drugstore beauty products, cosmetics, pet products
4.5% Kindle devices, Fire devices, Fire TV, Amazon Echo
4% DIY items, industrial and R & D items, baby and maternity items, sports and outdoor items, gift certificates
3% Books, stationery / office supplies, toys, hobbies, kitchenware / tableware, interior / furniture / bedding, household goods, handicrafts / art supplies
2% CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, games / PC software (including downloads), cameras, PCs, home appliances (including kitchen appliances, household appliances, beauty appliances), car and motorcycle supplies, watches, musical instruments
0.5% figure
0% Video, Amazon Fresh
Maximum referral fee (* 1) 1000 yen per item sold (consumption tax not included)

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