'PlayStation 5 (PS5)' new controller 'Dual Sense' photos & new features released

Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), which operates the PlayStation brand, will be the exclusive wireless controller of the next-generation home-use stationary game machine ``

PlayStation 5 (PS5)'' in the official PlayStation blog. The photos of ' DualSense ' have been released.

New Wireless Controller for PlayStation®5 DualSense™ Released | PlayStation.Blog

Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5 ?PlayStation.Blog

The PS5 is scheduled to be released during the year-end sales season in 2020, and its dedicated wireless controller is the Dual Sense. The buttons of ○×△□ that have continued from the original PlayStation are still alive, but the design of the controller has changed significantly from before, and it has a more rounded shape.

By the way, the appearance design of the past PlayStation series controller is as follows.

'DUALSHOCK 4' is a wireless controller for PlayStation 4 one generation ago

Controller 'DUALSHOCK 3' for PlayStation 3



'DUALSHOCK 2' of the controller for PlayStation 2

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Controller of the first PlayStation

Mr. Nishino's vision for controller development is 'to have a dialogue with 'the world created by the game,' that is, to realize a game experience that appeals to the senses of all of the players more than ever. We are now preparing to deliver the final version of the controller to game developers, in addition to the recently announced

Tempest 3D audio technology and DualSense features, PS5 gameplay I am confident that it will bring another dimension of immersion to the.”

In addition, following the success of DualShock 4, it seems that they have been promoting the development of DualSense by utilizing feedback from users and developers. In a series of dialogues with the developers, “We felt that “tactile”, like audio, is still a realm of potential in the game. So with PS5 we evolved it into gameplay. considered to be a good opportunity to bring innovation, our game developers have decided to provide an environment that you are able to look for ways to further enhance the immersive experience through the new controller. expressive convey the feeling haptic feedback loading of Is an example of this. Using this technology, we are able to express a variety of powerful sensations during gameplay, such as the heavy and heavy feel of a car running in a muddy road,' said Nishino. And, DualSense reveals that it is possible to express with finer vibration that was not available in Dualshock 4.

Looking at the top part, you can see that the charging terminal is USB-C.

In addition, in DualSHOCK 4, the R2/L2 button is a trigger type button, but in DualSense the 'adaptive trigger' is adopted for the R2/L2 button, and the action with tension like when squeezing the bow and arrow is done. You can feel it. The Adaptive Trigger is a trial and error process that keeps the necessary components inside the hardware, but does not feel the thickness when actually gripping. When designing the trigger and actuator, the designer and the hardware engineer worked closely together, and the appearance of the controller was designed so that it fits better in the hand than it actually looks. Also, the angle of the trigger has been changed and the grip has been finely adjusted.

In addition, the 'SHARE' button that was installed in DUALSHOCK 4 has evolved into a 'Create' button. The 'Create' button suggests a new way for users to create content based on their gameplay, share it with the whole world, and have fun with friends, but with this function For more details, I will tell you later.

According to Nishino, 'We have made various efforts to increase the operating time of DualSense and add new functions to reduce weight as much as possible,' so even though it is a wireless controller, it has a battery It seems that you can expect a better battery life than DUALSHOCK 4 which had a short Micro USB cable plugged in for almost charging.

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