A ventilator that combines Tesla's cutting-edge technology is completed, `` Deploying in a hospital with full Tesla's burden '', Elon Musk CEO

When a new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) becomes severe, it may be necessary to use a respirator until it recovers, and the shortage of respirators has become a problem in countries around the world. For this problem, electric car manufacturers '

Tesla ' and space development company ' Space X of' Elon Musk , CEO, declared the development and production of ventilator on Twitter. And on April 6, 2020, it was announced that Tesla had succeeded in developing a ventilator using parts from electric vehicles.

Tesla previews ventilator powered by Model 3 tech-The Verge

The starting point was that on March 19, 2020, Mask CEO was replied by one follower, `` Please reuse the factory (temporarily closed) and develop a ventilator as soon as possible '' was. Musk clarified the reply, 'I will make it if the respirator is in short supply.'

`` Tesla's cars are equipped with sophisticated air-conditioning systems. We manufacture life support devices. We can't produce them right away, but it's not difficult to make a ventilator. '

Then New York mayor Bill DeBrazio said, 'If the ventilator is produced, New York City will buy it.' In response, Musk started the development of a ventilator as declared.

And on April 1, 2020, Musk announced that he had successfully developed a respirator specially approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration .

You can see what kind of ventilator that Tesla's technology has gathered in the following movie.

Tesla Ventilator-YouTube

The ventilator was developed in Tesla's engineering room.

Shown on the white board is a rough design of the ventilator. The red parts are the parts used in Tesla cars. Tesla's development staff says that because many of the components of the ventilator can be supplied by our products, 'highly reliable components can be secured in large quantities and rapid production is possible.'

The ventilator released in the movie is a prototype.


medical gas chamber part for mixing oxygen and air supplied from the air suspension that is used in Tesla model S diverted it seems are.

The part that creates the pressure and volume patterns that send air is composed of air flow sensors and pressure sensors.

And the pump part that actually sends air looks like this.

The touch screen type center display attached to Model 3 is used for the system display screen.

The computer that controls the model 3 vehicle is used for system control of the ventilator.

In addition, there is a backup system composed of Tesla's battery and oxygen tank, and it is possible to continue using the ventilator for 20 to 40 minutes even when transferring patients.

Mask CEO, on the condition that `` immediately put the respirator on site '' and `` do not receive and store it in the warehouse '', Tesla bears all the developed respirator and shipping fee, Tesla's delivery area Promises to ship to a hospital within.

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