Tesla announces the second generation of the humanoid robot 'Optimus', and also releases a movie showing performance such as 'walks 30% faster than the first generation', 'super smooth finger movements', 'can dance'

Tesla has announced the second generation model of its humanoid robot 'Optimus'. The second generation Optimus has a 30% improvement in walking speed compared to the first generation, and its hands can move quickly and smoothly, making delicate movements such as ``grabbing an egg without breaking it'' possible.

The second generation Optimus looks like this.

2nd generation Optimus walking in front of Cybertruck. Walking speed has been improved by 30% compared to the first generation.

The feet of the second generation Optimus reproduce the structure of the human foot, and are also equipped with sensors that detect the force applied to the feet.

In addition to walking, it is also possible to perform movements that require balance, such as bending and stretching.

The fingers move quite smoothly. In addition, all fingers are equipped with tactile sensors, allowing delicate operations such as ``holding an egg without breaking it''.

There are no huge batteries or computer units on the back, and all parts fit neatly into the humanoid body.

At the end of the introduction movie, two 2nd generation Optimus were shown dancing lightly.

In addition, Julian Ibarz, a senior staff engineer in Tesla's robot department, confirmed that the introductory movie was shot using a real 2nd generation Optimus, not CG, and that speed editing such as double speed was not performed. I'm appealing.

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