The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing a 'cloth mask' for new coronavirus measures, and a 'cloth mask recipe' that can be easily made is also released in the movie

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) published a `` Guideline on the use of masks '' as a measure against the new coronavirus, `` the use of cloth masks is not recommended under any circumstances '' is written, but other public There are many opinions from health organizations and researchers that 'it should be worn in places with many people to stop the spread of the new coronavirus'. At the beginning of the year, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which fights against the new coronavirus as an infectious disease control organization in the United States where the onset of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) spreads, did not place importance on wearing masks at first. Has published a new guideline and has begun to recommend 'cover your face with a cloth.' Along with this, the CDC has released a movie 'How to make a cloth mask that anyone can easily'.

Recommendation Regarding the Use of Cloth Face Coverings | CDC

In the United States infected persons the number of the new coronavirus infection at the time 5 April 2020 the 312,146 people record has been, has spread the infection at a phenomenal speed. In response to this situation, the CDC released guidelines on “covering the face with a cloth” on April 3, 2020.

In their guidelines, the CDC stated, 'In the United States, we are continuing to study the spread and effects of new coronaviruses. The latest studies show that many affected individuals infected with the new coronavirus have no symptoms ( asymptomatic Gender ), and it has been shown that affected individuals can transmit the virus to others before any symptoms appear, meaning that the new coronavirus may not show symptoms to those nearby , It can be transmitted when talking, coughing, or sneezing.Based on this new evidence, the CDC has found that We recommend `` covering your face with a cloth '' in public places (such as grocery stores and pharmacies) where it is difficult to maintain social distance, '' said a lipstick using a cloth mask or bandana. It is important to cover and prevent droplet infection .

In addition, the CDC emphasized that it is still important to maintain the social distance, specifically by reducing the spread of new coronavirus infections by keeping people separated by 6 feet (approximately 1.8 meters). I am. In addition, the CDC stated that 'clothing on the face is important to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and to keep track of who is carrying the virus.'

And the CDC states that 'low-cost cloth covers made from common household materials can be used as voluntary sanitation measures.' The CDC also believes that surgical masks and N95 masks are supplies needed by healthcare professionals and other people working at the forefront of healthcare settings, and to provide the public with a priority supply where they are needed. Wants to work on the prevention of droplet infection by covering her face with a cloth.

At the same time as the release of the guidelines, CDC has released a “cloth mask recipe” that can be easily made in a movie.

How to Make Your own Face Covering-YouTube

Jerome Adams , Secretary of the United States Public Health Service and a member of the Task Force on New Coronavirus Control, will teach you how to make a cloth mask.

The materials for the self-made cloth mask are scarves and ...

Bandana, hand towel

Or a T-shirt is OK.

First, cut these materials to the appropriate size. It is OK if you cut it into a square as shown below, and the image uses a thin cloth layered.

Fold the upper and lower halves of this cloth towards the middle.

Furthermore, when the lower half and the upper half are folded again in the same way ...

The cloth is now one quarter the size of the original.

Pass the rubber bands through both sides of the elongated cloth.

And fold the cloth on the outside of the rubber band inward ...

The cloth mask is completed if you put the rubber band on your ear.

The scientific basis for the effectiveness of cloth masks against new coronavirus is not very consistent. Still, several public health authorities, including the CDC, as well as epidemiologists and researchers, argue that 'masks should be worn to prevent inadvertent transmission of the new coronavirus to others.'

WHO does not recommend cloth masks, eventually explains whether masks should be worn based on research papers and researchers' opinions-gigazine

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