American Center for Disease Control and Prevention reveals how to wear cloth masks and how to make a variety of variations

Following the spread of the new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have published new guidelines and have begun to recommend 'cover your face with a cloth.' In line with this, the CDC has released pages that explain 'how to make your own cloth mask' and 'how to wear a cloth mask'.

Use Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow Spread | CDC

The CDC issued new guidelines on April 3, 2020, encouraging 'covering your face with a cloth.' At the same time, Jerome Adams, who is the secretary of the U.S. Public Health Service and also works as a member of the task force installed in the new countermeasures against coronavirus, has also released a movie explaining how to handcraft a cloth mask. . The following article will tell you why you should use a cloth mask.

The U.S.A.Disease Prevention and Control Center recommends wearing a `` cloth mask '' for new coronavirus measures, and a `` cloth mask recipe '' that can be easily made is also released in the movie

Following this, the CDC has published a page explaining how to wear a cloth mask and how to make your own cloth mask.

According to the CDC, there are five things to keep in mind when wearing a cloth mask:

・ Fit to the side of the face
・ Knot cloth and fix with ear loop
.Providing multiple layers of dough
・ We can breathe without problem
Can be washed and machine-dried without damage or reshaping

The mask should be worn so that it covers a wide area from above the nose to below the chin.

The point is to wear a mask so that there is no gap around the nose bone.

According to the CDC, there are many asymptomatic carriers in people who have a new type of coronavirus infection, so the virus is often transmitted to others before any symptoms appear. The CDC also claims that it is important to prevent the spread of the virus by wearing a 'cloth mask' because the spread of the new coronavirus is spread from droplets such as coughs and sneezes.

According to the CDC, cloth masks need to be cleaned regularly depending on the frequency of use, and washing the cloth with a washing machine is OK. To safely remove a used cloth mask, it is recommended that you take care not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth and wash your hands immediately after removal.

In addition, the correct method of washing hands is as follows.

Only 5% of people wash their hands after a toilet, what is the right way to wash their hands? -GIGAZINE

The CDC also explains how to make 'cloth masks with sewing' and 'cloth masks without sewing'.

The following materials are needed to make your own 'cloth mask with sewing'.

・ 10 inch (about 25.4cm) x 6 inch (about 15.24cm) rectangular cotton fabric x 2
・ Two 6 inch rubber straps (or rubber bands, strings, cloth pieces, hair ties, etc.) x 2
・ Needle and thread
・ Scissors
·sewing machine

First, make two 10-inch x 6-inch rectangular cotton fabrics. Use of tightly woven cotton, such as quilted fabric or cotton sheets, is recommended. Overlap two rectangles and sew the mask like a piece of cloth.

Fold the long side of the rectangle 1/4 inch (approximately 6.35 mm) and sew it. Then, turn the short side 1/2 inch (approximately 12.7 mm) and sew it together. The reason why the short side is folded back is to pass the string through which the cloth mask is placed over the ear.

In addition, a 6-inch long rubber cord (about 3 mm wide) is passed through the hole formed in the folded part on the short side and tied to make a loop. If it is difficult to pass the elastic, use a needle or bobby pin. You can use it comfortably by passing an elastic string, but if you have only a string without elasticity, use a longer string and tie the left and right strings behind your head with a cloth mask without problems It can be used as.

Hide the knot of the rubber cord in the hole made on the short side of the cloth mask. Then wear it and adjust the mask to match your face shape. Once you have the right fit, sew the fabric and the rubber strap together and you're done.

Here's how to make your own 'cloth mask without sewing' using a T-shirt. All you need is a T-shirt and scissors.

The procedure is as follows: First, cut about 7 to 8 inches (about 17.8 to 20.3 cm) from the bottom of the T-shirt.

Next, as shown in the following figure, cut the hem of the T-shirt cut out into a rectangle.

The cloth mask that can be easily created by tying the hem of the T-shirt that has remained slender is completed.

The method to make your own 'cloth mask without sewing' using a bandana is as follows. Necessary materials are bandana, coffee filter, rubber band, and scissors.

First, cut the coffee filter in half. I don't use the lower half.

The bandana used is a square with a side of 20 inches (about 50.8 cm). Cotton bandanas are recommended. Fold the bandana in half ...

Then fold it in three. At this time, fold it so that the coffee filter fits in the bandana.

From left and right through rubber bands ...

Fold both ends of the bandana.

The mask is easily completed without sewing.

If you wear it so that both ends of the bandana turned inside are inside, you can use it without sewing without any problem.

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