Dyson starts 'development of ventilator' in response to request from the government

With the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), there is a shortage of medical respirators used for

symptomatic treatment . The UK's National Health Service (NHS) has sought industry support for ventilator shortages in the country. Dyson, a British electrical equipment manufacturer known for developing the cyclone vacuum cleaner for the first time, responded to that voice.

Dyson tells ITV News about plans to build ventilators to combat coronavirus crisis-ITV News

Severe COVID-19 can cause respiratory failure with bronchitis and pneumonia. Ventilator is used for symptomatic treatment when respiratory failure occurs, but due to the spread of COVID-19, the respirator of medical institutions is running short.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 continuing in the UK, the NHS has sought support from domestic industries for ventilators. Dyson has teamed up with The Technology Partnership, a British technology company, and has stated its willingness to confront national turmoil.

According to the British television network iTV, Dyson replied, 'We are focusing our resources on ventilator design and development in response to NHS requests.' He says he is testing a prototype made from the company's vacuum cleaner components using pig lungs.

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Dyson moved its headquarters to Singapore in 2019, but also has laboratories and factories in Wiltshire, UK. According to iTV, Dyson will import parts from abroad and produce approximately 5,000 respirators at the Wiltshire plant.

A Dyson spokeswoman replied, 'The ventilator manufacturing project is urgently needed and is being developed around the clock.'

Dyson isn't the only one with a shortage of respirators in the UK. Jaguar, a major automobile manufacturer, and multiple F1 teams have begun similar efforts. A joint research team from Oxford University and Kings College London has launched a project to open source ventilator designs that can be created from off-the-shelf components and equipment.

Oxford and King's developing prototype for rapidly deployable ventilator | University of Oxford

'We are delighted that this project, which brings together know-how from inside and outside the university and provides ventilator designs to local manufacturers, is progressing quickly.' At the time of the announcement, it is said that the prototype of the ventilator is being tested, but the research team has completed a prototype that can break through the requirements of the country's Pharmaceutical and Medical Product Regulatory Agency within a few weeks, and collaborate with local manufacturers We are confident that we can establish a manufacturing network within a few months.

Similar efforts have been made in the United States, with researchers and manufacturers in each country working closely together to address the issue of COVID-19.

`` Project to develop ventilator with open source '' appears as a new coronavirus countermeasure-gigazine

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