MIT launches `` open source project to make respirators '' with new coronavirus measures

It has been shown that the development of a new type of coronavirus infection can cause

extensive damage to the lungs , and the spread of the infection requires a large amount of respirators . Meanwhile, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has started an open source project ' MIT Emergency Ventilator (E-Vent) ' for making respirators.

MIT E-VENT | Emergency ventilator design toolbox

In March 2020, OxyGEN, a project to develop a device for automating a manual respirator called a bag valve mask , was launched. From the motors and wood that can be collected from home appliances, etc., a design drawing of a device that presses the pump part of the bag valve mask with a wooden board instead of pressing it manually has been released.

You can find out more about OxyGEN by reading the following article.

Project `` OxyGEN '' that anyone can easily automate the manual pump of the ventilator used for the treatment of new type pneumonia-gigazine

by Official US Navy Page

In this context, MIT's E started to spread safe and low-cost respirators to regions where the shortage of respirators is imminent and countries where medical technology is not widely spread. -Vent. OxyGEN is a project that keeps in mind that anyone can make a device like a DIY, but E-Vent is a development that aims to produce functions similar to actual respirators safely and quickly It is a project for people.

E-Vent can be divided into two parts: 'control device (left)' and 'ventilator (right)'.

This is what it looks like with only the ventilator.

A circuit diagram based on a simple microcomputer board ' Arduino ' has also been released.

Prototypes have already been built and testing has begun on pigs with respiratory structures close to humans. The test results will be available shortly.

According to MIT E-Vent, `` It is necessary to use only any medical environment directly supervised by experts, regardless of the method, '' saying that it does not fully automate the function of the ventilator, and said `` MIT E-Vent is not a replacement for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) -approved intensive care ventilator, but it can replace a full-fledged ventilator with a replacement for critically ill patients. It is expected to be effective in situations where there is no other choice and life and death are involved. '

Under MIT E-Vent, Shane van Jaarsveldt, technical director at Microsoft South Africa,

offered an offer such as 'We are pleased to help you review software, hardware and PCB design. Please contact us.' ......

'From the Indian government forces, has received a request to look for ventilator that can be easily and quickly installed at a low cost, it is where you are considering this MIT E-Vent now,' such as

communication from equipment manufacturers .

'I'm Aman from Kashmir. In our area, we're having a problem with only 27 ventilators, and we're working on early designs right now. The control mechanism for this system, 1 such as how please tell me whether the control is 'the number of breaths per minute

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