Ministop `` Sato Nishiki cherry soft '' using 100% juice of high-grade cherry `` Sato Nishiki '' Tasting review

Ministop's flavor software started in 1998, but the first cherry flavor of the commemorative 100 items, ' Sato Nishiki Cherry Soft ' has been available at all Ministop stores since March 20, 2020. It is a fresh and fruity soft ice cream that uses 100% juice of high-quality cherries 'Sato Nishiki'.

Ministop's soft ice cream history 'first' flavor 'Sato Nishiki Cherry Soft' will be released at all stores on March 20 (Fri)! -Using 100% Yamagata Prefecture Sato Nishiki Fruit Juice-
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Arrived at Ministop. A curtain of Sato Nishiki cherry soft is put on the shop door.

I ordered Sato Nishiki cherry software that uses 100% Sato Nishiki immediately.

After ordering, I received the soft serve immediately.

The size is slightly larger than the 123.8mm long iPhone SE.

When I tried it, there was no milky feeling like a mini stop vanilla soft, and the freshness of the cherry was extruded entirely. There is no artificial cherry flavor at all, and the delicate aroma that the cherries do not claim too much spreads quickly in the mouth and then fades away. On the contrary, it is a good feeling that the cherry flavor is not intentionally strong.

Although it was a smooth soft ice cream, it also had a grainy feeling and the finish was somewhat gelato.

Sato Nishiki Cherry Software has been in stores since March 1, 2020, and will be sold at all stores from 20th. The price is 230 yen excluding tax.

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