`` Gold and silver comparative value '' is the highest level in 5000 years of human history

The price of gold is calculated by dividing the price of silver '

gold and silver attracted ' (Gold Silver Ratio: GSR) is, that it has reached the highest figures among the past 5000 years, NASDAQ has announced.

The Longest Record Broken: Gold / Silver Ratio Hits Highest in Over 5,000 Years | Nasdaq

The gold-silver ratio is not directly related to the gold / silver market, but was used as a value indicator for gold and silver coins. It is known that Japan at the end of the Tokugawa period had a gold-silver ratio of 5, which was lower than gold, which had a gold-silver ratio of 15, which led to a large amount of gold coins leaked by foreigners.

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In 2019, the gold / silver ratio rose above 90 due to a fall in silver prices due to US trade policy. It has been reported that this is the first height in 26 years since the 1991 annual average of 89.93.

The gold / silver ratio reported by NASDAQ was 123.78 , more than 30 points higher than the 26-year high. However, it should be noted that the past figures are annual averages, but this one is a temporary record.

The past gold-silver ratio was 2.5 at the time of Pharaoh Menes , who founded the 1st Dynasty of Egypt around 3000 BC to 2850 BC. The Babylonian king, Hammurabi , circa 1750 BC. The last king of the Lydia king, Croesus , who throned around 560 BC, was 13.33, and the Roman emperor, the 'Emperor' Constantine I , in the early 4th century, was 10.5.

Data from 1687 onwards can be viewed at ' Measuring Worth '. According to the data, the data began in 1687 at 14.94, and after that, it remained in the range of about 14 to 16 until the middle of the 19th century, and the value gradually increased from the 1880s. From 1894, it entered 30 cars, recording 40.48 in 1915 and then dropping, but re-rising it to a record high of 99.76 in 1940. After World War II, it fell to 18.29 in 1968, but since the 1990s it was less than 50 except 2011.

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