Online viewership of e-sports tournament, which became a spectator game due to the new coronavirus, exploded

Due to the expansion of the new coronavirus, the finals of the international tournament, where professional players of the popular FPS game ' Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) ' gather, have become spectator matches. However, the appearance of the finals distributed on the Internet was seen by many fans, recording the highest number of viewers ever.

IEM Katowice playoffs to be played without audience due to coronavirus concerns |

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' Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) ', which has been running since 2007, is an international competition game. `` IEM Katowice 2020, '' held in Katowice in the Silesia region of Poland from February 28 to March 1, 2020 , is a large-scale event by Governor Jaroslaw Wieczorek of the Silesia region due to concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus. Authorization to hold has been revoked. With this decision, the tournament will be played with no spectators.

Below is the Spodek Arena that can accommodate 11,500 seats. There is no spotlight on the stage, but there are no people in the audience seats.

Pashabiceps, a prominent Polish CSGO player, is sitting in a rattling seat. I have a look that I can't say.

However, the CSGO finals held at 'IEM Katowice 2020' were booming online, contrary to the number of visitors at the venue, and the number of viewers reached 1,02,132 . We have set a new record for the number of IEM viewers. In the final match between France's G2 Esports and Ukraine's Natus Vincere, Natus Vincere won the 3 maps without taking one map, showing the overwhelming strength and winning.

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In 'IEM Katowice 2020', there was also an event to be held together with 'IEM Expo', an e-sports team signing event and an event to display e-sports mouse and keyboard etc., but this was canceled . Due to the decision, the organizer has promised a refund to those who purchased the ticket, and has stated that they will ship the gloves that were to be delivered at the venue.

Due to concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus, Facebook's annual developer conference `` F8 '', the world's largest game developer event `` GDC '', mobile phone exhibition `` MWC '' has been canceled The overwatch international tournament ' Overwatch League ' , which was scheduled to be held in Korea on March 22, 2020, has also been announced to be canceled.

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