'E3 2022' has canceled all face-to-face events that include people, and continues to hold online-only virtual events as a countermeasure against the new corona.

E3, the world's largest game trade fair held around June every year, has canceled all offline events that gather people at the venue due to concerns about the pandemic of the new coronavirus in 2022 as in 2021, and only online. It was announced that it will be held.

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ESA, the operating organization of E3, told VentureBeat, an IT news site, 'Health risks surrounding the new coronavirus infection continue to exist and may affect the safety of exhibitors and participants. We will not be hosting E3 offline in 2022 because of this. We look forward to the future of E3 and look forward to more details coming soon. '

In 2020, when the pandemic of the new coronavirus was declared, E3 was not ready to move to online holding, many companies announced that they would stop participating, and finally E3 itself was announced to be canceled. it was done.

The world's largest game trade fair, E3, has been canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection --GIGAZINE

One year later, in 2021, the spread of the new coronavirus had not yet subsided, so each partner company announced new information in a movie, distributed a trial version, and released an interview with the staff in a movie. It was held in the form of an online event.

The world's largest game trade fair 'E3 2021' will be held completely online, anyone can participate for free --GIGAZINE

And 2022 after two years from the pandemic of the new corona virus, vaccines and oral treatment is also being developed, extremely high mutant strain, infectious from the 2021 year-end Omicron Corporation and wields the fury, still new The coronavirus infection continues to spread.

It is reported that E3 held in 2022 will also be held online due to the spread of Omicron strain, but game developer Mike Footer said on Twitter, 'Omicron strain will be discovered according to sources. It seems that ESA canceled the venue earlier, 'he said, pointing out that it was planned to be held online regardless of Omicron stock.

Ars Technica, an IT news site, pointed out that Sony, which owns the PlayStation brand, has withdrawn from E3 since 2019, before the pandemic of the new coronavirus became a hot topic. With other major manufacturers continuing to decline and threatening to hold offline, it is expected that E3 will move to online even if the pandemic of the new coronavirus is completely over. doing.

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