iPhone submerged in a huge lake at Disney Park, but returns to owner with `` perfectly moving state '' two months later

Disney works with the theme of the amusement park theme park

Disney parks is, of Japan Tokyo Disney Resort , including, the United States and France, Hong Kong, present in five countries and regions such as China, 'Dream of the country'. The person who dropped the iPhone at the lake at Disney Park succeeded in regaining the iPhone at the bottom of the water for about two months, and did not lose many of the memories taken in the park.

Disney World Returns Fully Working iPhone 11 to Family Weeks After Device Sank to Bottom of Seven Seas Lagoon-MacRumors

In early October 2019, Lisa Troyer and Jacob Troyer set off on a one-week trip to Walt Disney World Resort with her daughter Sophie. Just because it was Halloween, they all enjoyed the Walt Disney World Resort, which was colored Halloween.

From left, Jacob, Sophie, and Lisa. Traveling to Walt Disney World Resort was a long-standing dream for Sophie.

After enjoying the Walt Disney World Resort, the family took part in the Mickey Mouse Halloween party on

Magic Kingdom the last night of the trip. Then, at the huge lake called `` Seven Seas Lagoon '' south of Magic Kingdom, three people who planned to take a ferry, iPhone 11 dropped from Lisa's bag and sank at the bottom of the lake It seems to have been done.

'I was really angry that I dropped my smartphone because I was taking photos at a Disney Halloween party that was the main event of the trip that evening,' said a 6-year-old daughter. Was taking a picture with Jack Skellington , but he was so depressed that he couldn't develop the picture because he dropped the iPhone into the lake, 'he said.

The day after dropping the iPhone into the Seven Seas Lagoon, Lisa reported to the Walt Disney World Resort employees the lost item just in case. At that time, an employee of Walt Disney World Resort told Lisa that there was a diver team to collect lost items, but Lisa returned the dropped iPhone He did not think that. After returning home, Lisa bought a new smartphone and said that she was living as usual.

About two months after dropping the iPhone, Lisa receives a missed call from Orlando, Florida. It seems that Lisa thought that it was a solicitation phone of some sort and ignored the incoming call, but there was a phone call from her father-in-law, and at Walt Disney World Resort she found an iPhone dropped by Lisa on the lake I can tell you.

After that, Walt Disney World Resort sent an iPhone that Lisa lost. Despite being submerged for about two months, the iPhone has been confirmed to work without problems. 'I was able to extract everything from the iPhone, including the Halloween night photos from Disney. The case that was attached to the iPhone had fine sand, the cover had algae, But there seems to be no problem in operation. '

Lisa's iPhone 11 recovered from the bottom of Seven Seas Lagoon.

Lisa, who was impressed with the water resistance of the iPhone 11, sent an email to Apple's CEO Tim Cook and told him thank.

Lisa and Jacob are avid Apple product users, and the first gift Jacob gave to Lisa was an iPad. MacRumors wrote that Lisa had purchased the iPhone 11 a few days before traveling to Walt Disney World Resort, which allowed her to capture pictures of her family's lifetime.

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