Families with hand-made LEDs in the ocean in the night Parents passionate about surfing with a surfboard

Although the ocean in the night is quiet and mysterious, even if the surfer fell from the surfboard hit his head with a board, there is a danger that nobody notices. In order to surf safely in the evening ocean, there is a parent and child who made a "glowing surfboard" with LED light on a handmade surfboard. A passion for surfing handed down over 2 generations of parent and child is being released in the movie.

Surfing the Night, Lighting Up the Waves - YouTube

Surfing at night in the sea is very quiet and lonely.

Surfer Shawn Johnson says that the most free and spiritual thing people think is surfing at night.

Mr. Sean's special surfing is that the LED light is embedded in the surfboard. The colorful and vivid light moves like waving the waves.

Male of the image below, Mr. Sean. In Malibu, California, USA, I am active as a surfer & surfing coach.

Mr. Sean started surfing after his father, Roy Johnson, was invited to the sea. She seems to have been doing a body board instead of surfing at the beginning.

After that, Sean Mr. Sean, who was given to his father's surfboard, was convinced that "I want to do this!" And told his father that way. When the two returned to the sandy beach, it was said that the surfboard was thrown away in the garbage can. To Mr. Sean who said "The surfboard is thrown away in the trash box," Roy says "No, this is your new surfboard".

Take home the abandoned board ... ...

Rui peeled off all the glass fiber covering the board surface and prepared the whole shape using a tool.

There are half surfboards lining in the garden of the two houses.

"I do not surf anymore, but when I am making a surfboard, I feel like surfing," Roy says.

Roy conducts all surfboard making by hand.

"Because I know how much my father loves boards and puts my heart, I can surf," Sean says.

Shawn who rides a wave with a board made by Roy.

Many people are surfing in Los Angeles.

Among them, Roy's sardboard is special in that it has LED lights.

On the full moon night two go out to surf ... ....

Shaun is on a wave.

Roy who watches the situation from the edge of the beach.

The light of the surfboard can be operated from the controller.

The ocean in the night is quiet and mysterious. The experience of doing surfing in it is special. However, in the darkness you fall from the surfboard and stun out your head with the board, but you do not know from a remote place. Shawn says that it is the most horrible thing that anyone can not find it as it is.

However, if it is an optical surfboard with LED lights, the state of the surfer can be confirmed even from afar, and it is safe.

Blue or ...

Surf board that vividly shines like yellow.

You should be able to check the position of the surfer from the road.

Sean seemed to enjoy surprising with people surfing the surroundings, and while surfing at night he said "Feeling like an alien flying in the spacecraft and flying in the sky" It was.

Roy does not surf, but I enjoy seeing Mr. Sean riding on my own surfboard. "Surfboard is connecting me to Sean, it is fun to see him surfing, it's a lot of fun" "When I see him slide the board on the water, I feel very proud It will be, "said Roy.

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