Murmur surfers who can ride big waves even small

Recently I heard stories about dog surfing, but in Hawaii there are also mice surfing. The surfboard is also a cute thing that matched to the mouse size, and I wonder where I got the board.

It is very brave that the mouse is on the waves, although it is a mouse, and it looks like the rat itself is enjoying it. Let's see how the mouse is on the wave.

Details are from the following.
Pictured: The incredible surfing rats who were taught to ride 4 ft waves | Mail Online

The owner is a 14-year-old boy called Boomer Hodel. The name of the surfing mouse is Tofu and Fin. They live in Hawaii and they are surfing about twice a week. We are going to surf it for 20 minutes at a time, to rest and to challenge again. I did not get into the wave well from the beginning, but at the beginning I started to improve from the small wave of the beachfront and failed over and over again, now I can get on the wave of 4 feet (about 1.2 meters) He says that he rarely got better so he can not fall off the board.

I am accustomed to small waves.

The surfboard on which Tofu and Fin are carrying cooperated with fellow Jeremy Martin and Akila Barrnett (14 years of age together) and said that he made his own surfboard which is one foot long (about 30 cm). It seems there sometimes happens to be dropped from the board, and at that time the owner says he will wipe it with a towel. But at first it was serious as the rat tried to return to the place where it fell.

Tofu and owner Hodel

Fin surfing figure. At first glance, I can not distinguish between Tofu and Fin.

Although I had fallen first at the beginning, now that I got to be able to ride well like this.

A photographer who photographed Tofu and Fin this time seems to comment that "At first it felt wonderful, but the mice really seemed to enjoy surfing."

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