The iPhone 11 that disappeared to the bottom of the lake 6 months ago comes back to the owner with it working

Clayton Hellkenberg and his wife, Heather, who enjoyed diving on Harrison Lake in British Columbia, Canada, are doing a philanthropic effort to collect the trash that has accumulated on the bottom of the lake. The iPhone 11 that they found on the bottom of the lake seems to have worked without problems even though it was submerged for 6 months, and it was sent back to the owner.

Functioning cellphone returned to owner after nearly 6 months at bottom of Harrison Lake | CBC News

iPhone 11 reunited with owner after spending 6 months in a lake | AppleInsider

While diving in Harrison Lake, Canada, the Hellkenberg and his wife are engaged in a charitable activity of collecting trash that has sunk to the bottom of the lake, and the activity is reported in a movie format on the YouTube channel. The movie posted by Mr. and Mrs. Hellkenberg on March 5, 2021 was 'Send the iPhone 11 collected at the bottom of the lake to the owner.'

Found a working iPhone 11 underwater and returned to owner! --YouTube

The Hellkenberg couple posted on YouTube how they are collecting the trash that sank on the bottom of Lake Harrison. Garbage sinking on the bottom of the lake is a hat ...

Old iPhone. Is it around iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s in terms of the shape of the camera and LED flash?

Besides, old Fanta bottles ...

Garbage such as sunglasses that would have been dropped by people who came to the lake will be collected.

And what Heather collected ...

IPhone 11 with dual cameras. It looks pretty dirty.

There are also mobile phones that are broken in half. It seems that every country drops mobile phones and smartphones.

You can see that the iPhone 6-like thing that was recovered earlier has the display panel removed and is completely out of order.

A large amount of garbage collected by the Hellkenberg couple.

One more bag of garbage has been collected ...

The iPhone 11 discovered by Heather in this.

Mr. Clayton cleaned and cleaned the iPhone 11 collected at the bottom of the lake.

It seems that it worked without problems when I charged it.

So, I went to deliver the iPhone 11 to the owner ...

The owner who checked the contents of iPhone 11 and confirmed that it was his own terminal made a quick pose and the movie ended.

'I took the iPhone 11 I found on the bottom of the lake home, cleaned it, and charged it and it worked, so I was very surprised,' the Hellkenberg couple said in an interview with CBC News. I will. In addition, although the iPhone 11 that was sunk on the bottom of the lake had a broken microphone and speaker, it seems that everything else was safe.

Clayton took out the iPhone 11's SIM card, inserted it into another smartphone, and then contacted the original owner. The owner of the submerged iPhone 11 is Fatemeh Ghodsi, who said he dropped the iPhone 11 while boarding a boat on Harrison Lake in September 2020.

'I lost my balance while on the boat and dropped my iPhone 11,' Ghodsi said. The Harrison Lake staff said, 'It's impossible to find an iPhone dropped on the lake,' and Ghodsi said he had no choice.

When Clayton contacted him, Ghodsi thought his friend was mischievous. Ghodsi said, 'It was like a zombie and the phone came back,' said Ghodsi, when the iPhone 11 was submerged and gave up completely.

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